Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are always willing to help. They are social with all ethnic or different races. They are responsible and are always focus in achieving their goals.


My classmates are very kind and helpful and they are extremely focus and serious about their studies .


My classmates are very excellent students and human beings. They are very humble, intelligent and dedicated. I am blessed to have such great people around me, we help each other grow and go forward, and I believe that is a great motivation, to work as a group.


Focused in what they want in their future.


My classmates never cease to amaze me due to the fact that everyone of them is unique and have a diferent point of view in life thanks to the way teacher expand knowledge in my university.


My classmates are dedicated to the work. They would share any class doubt or extra information with everyone so we all be on the same page. It is easy to communicate and establish relationships even though the program is online.


I will describe my classmates as working people who aspire to be better human beings and with the desire to have a better quality life for themselves and their family members.


My classmates are a good persons.


My classmates are amazing, very special, this university has given us the opportunity to follow our dreams to work hard for it.


My classmates were friendly, inviting and, most importantly, always willing to lend a helping hand.


The students group are very cooperative and are used to working in groups.


Best classmates ever, intelligents and very creative persone's


Most of my classmates are serious about their classwork.


My classmates are very helpful.




My classmates in its mayorityare very good people, they help others and are focused in their jobs at the same time.


My classmates are the best, they are friendly, very focus in their studies, and the best description, love to help others.


For the most part are very friendly and cooperative. Are made dispocicion of others.


I like my class room my professor and my classmate we have a lot of fun.


Mis compa?eros de clases son una legi?n de angeles porque a pesar de los probelmas y de las dificultades me dan fuerza para seguir adelante y poder superar todos los obstaculos que me encuentro en el camino.


My classmates are people in love of nursing... I think!


Friendly's, entusiastics, and thirsty of knowledge.


Somos responsables, comprometidos con valores profesionales, listos para trabajar. (spanish)


My classmates at Interamerican University Arecibo Campus are people very friendly and always willing to help when needed. They are from different majors, ethnic origin, religion and a variety of ages. These factors are not an obstacle to cordial relations between students. Besides the academic side, my classmates are worried about other issues that might affect my performance as a person. Anyway, I am very proud to have people so special around me.


My classmates are very helpfull, and hardworking people; they're always able to talk about or discuss a homework, they join groups to get prepared for a test, but they're mayor quality : most of them are good friends.


I study on-line so we communicate via chat and the ones I have been in contact with are always very helpful and eager to offer advice or suggestions.


they are very talented, know what they want and how they struggle to get


Very energetic, attentive, responsable and fun.


My classmates are capable of doing team work to reach the goals the investigation we propose.