Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my opinion the university i go to has the best interest for the student. In my case, the only problem is the cost of the university , because my income is very low.Mmaking it hard to acomplish my degree. The university offers alot of ways that help me and other students in thats aspeck like; work and other scolerships but it is still not at my expense for book and for materials that are needed for my consertration. Besides that the university offer alot of help that benifits the student in the other aspects including mostly there there needs.




Online education because some of the proffessor do not care if you have an internet conection problem or if it's the schools actual website that is causing the problem.


Accessibility. Because, you have different times and days of classes in addition to online classes.


The worst thing in my college is the high cost of admission and books that I need.


Nothing, to my desire everything is more than fine.


Well, at the current moment i don't have anything negative to say.


For me the worst thing about my university is that in the classes you only have 2-3 tests, so if you fail 1 you are most likely to pass the class with not a very good grade.


What I consider the worst thing about my school is that they take too long to pay students when were working in the campus.


I dont believe my school has bad things, its a complete place, vey well organize. They should add more activities places, like for sports in all relative to that. There is a basketball court, but theres is place to add a pool and maybe a gym, where students dont have to leave the campus , and they have all the facilities there.


The space, and the usual lack of campus activities information from the administration to the students.


I advise you to seize this opportunity that is offered at the university. The race will decide to study the key to its future. So choose well. You can achieve anything if they intend to sort its priorities right. The staff of the university is more than willing to help. Exploit all these resources and give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Sometimes difficult and there are times you want to leave what we are doing, but that's part of college life. It is the beginning of a new stage. Enjoy time at university and participate in the activities on campus. Success!


I do not have any regrets about my school. To my understanding and needs everything works fine.


In academic terms must offer more expertise on the campus of Arecibo, to avoid them in other institutions, improve the campus entrance.


Puerto Rico remains an island of opportunity is sad to see young talent nuetras lost in the street, where programs, resources, talents, services and venues such as the Campus have allowed me a working mother can resume control of my life to become a profesonal and fulfill my dreams. Students give us many good opportunities that make us stand out. Help us to improve ourselves and guide us in the right way and if you do not know the answer you get it. Remains possible that my future is your future, I invite you to my interest is your interest.


nothing its verry good


Their is no worse thing about this college.


lOne of the problems that might be considered bad in the Arecibo Inter American University is that there is no free time between classes at least 10 minutes to reach the next class time. And another important point that I think should change is that there is little financial support for people like me who need them.


The Interamerican School of Aredibo is located in a very beautiful palce and is very nice to study there I have no complaints about ti.


My school have great opportunities and the persons who work there are very simpatic but the costs are high so a person with none EFC just cant study at full or the way they really want with more academic charge.


The worst thing that my university have is that it is very cold in the classrooms, but that is something that others prefer. I have nothing negative to say about this university, for the moment.


the cost, classes are to expensives


the credits cost


I consider the worst thing in my school is the parking lot.


My school is excellent.


well i dont have something tant i think is bad because we have everything we need on campus.


The worst thing would be basic classes with lab requirments. These are classes that we are suppoused to enjoy and learn outside our major, but instead they are through the internet only. Worse than that most of the item they're not even related to the same topics treated in the class rooms, and we as students dont learn anything from it because it is not the same to interact with a machine like with a normal person.Being able to be in class hearing and asking question is the true meaning of learning not using the computer.


The worst factor in my college is the credit price... the credicts are expensive and the federal help is not enough.


I do not have problem with anything.


Really it is nothing that bad , but the classes prizes are kind of high.


I really do not think there is an worst thing, since I think my university reach with the maximate scale of what the best to bring for students.


I consider that the worst thing about my school was that there are no good services for job placing. I think that they should develop this area. It is very needful for a student who just graduated to have somewhere to start and gain experience. That is very hard these days. So, since they did not help me in this area I guess that is the worst thing I can think of.