Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


first of all I would give my self lots of suppor while making the desicion of where to study. Also I would say to my self to stay focused on what it matters, being this my studies, my career and my future, and ignoring the things that do not really matter at this stage of my life so that you I the focus on what really matters.


Dont waste time getting back into school. Go straight to college. Resist the urge to get into a reationship. That will all come later on. Focus on your goal and not run but sprint toward it with all your force. You only live once make the best of it and always think of the consquences of your actions.


I would have a lot to say to myself as a senior. First thing I would say to myself is congratulations for making it this far. You never gave up no matter how hard it got, and whatever obstacles got in your way you over came them, so good job. I would then say Josette it's time to get cracking. especially when you have senior project and AP calculus the same semester and you need both these classes to graduate. When dealing with AP calculus you need to pay attention from the beginning. Don't start paying attention after a month of the class and laughing with your friends. With calculus it simply about steps. From the time you start the class the next thing you will learn after the first thing is just a step added on. With you senior project you have to open op more , and speak up. You MUST go home and spend more than an hour working on the project. You will get tired but you have to push yourself. Just pay attention and don't you worry about no one but yourself. Good luck Josette , I know you can do it


Stay focus and always look ahead. Be positive and have God by your side, he will be your only ally. Look for help when you don't understand, never give up.


The advise that I would give to myself is to remember to do everything especially for the paper work with time.


I would say to myself to go straight to collage, that theres time for everything and not rush into life. When I was a highschool senior I didn't think much about collage and did not know what kind of carrer I wanted. I only thought of falling in love and getting married and that was exacly what I did. So now I found myself struggling to work and study at the same time so I kind provide a better future for my daughter. I'd say to my self that collage is the key to a better future.


I would tell myself that college is a wonderful place to be! College life as an adult is very exciting, but college life as a young adult looks wonderful. By starting college earlier, you set up your financial life to take off like a rocket earlier. I am confident that I will obtain the same position now, than had a done this 20 years ago. However, I could be 20 years experienced by now. And I would find a way to make myself understand that full time college is not easy. But it's twice as hard when you are married, have two small children and a full time job. These are the messages that I would have told myself then and they are the messages I will be relaying to my own children now.


If I had the opportunity to go back to my last high school year, I would encourage myself to never give up and keep going forward as I always do, to fight for I want and to value even more, the education I receive from each and every one of my teachers. In just a brief statement, I would say to myself, "Everything you are doing is going to be worth it.


If i could got to the past and give myself adive about what to do ,to better my future in the university,I woulda started saying what was the profetion I chose now, making it easier for me in my dispute that i had of what i was going to established time and dreams. Also I will informe myself of how much money it involves to prosue the profetion of a social worker giving me ideas of how i can save up money to be ready for the cost of the university. Opening my mind to the life of the university, showing me what it takes to make my dedication worth the time waisted, Giving me as well the knowledge of how i can make my profetion more easier to learn and apply to my daly bases saving up as well for my masters degree that I need to have a permanent licence making it more better in the aspect of the money. preparing me with more equipment for what the future held for me, based on the university , helping me in the biggist aspect that i need help on today; the money , questioning if will or will not study.


The advice I would consider for me, would try to overcome the teacher. Why try to beat the teacher? I remained calm with the knowledge acquired, not motivated me to learn or do more research on a topic, was well conformist. If we come to see the university is about learning, but also to exceed the goals that the teacher put that on every day can carry loads university with responsibility and commitment. I will not only be a student again, but it's the student who looks beyond a classroom, understand that studies are not games, they are our future, my future.


Sully now going to college I advise and recommend to be diligent, organized and punctual. It is not a science but you will need the scientific method. Upgrade your mind and being, looking, reading and analyzing everything, remember everything is lawful but not all things, not because they're on a college campus means that you are in complete and absolute truth, you will never know the truth unless you engage in search and want to know with your entire being. You cautiously around, have fun, share, laugh and do not stop being you. Love life and set a goal to do my best to live it. Help others always in mind that you do not expect anything in return love or maybe just a beautiful smile. And never forget where God brought you out, give strength to others and Instruct in truth, the truth that you are going to polish and to know that you know. And complete your studies with good grades, make the difference that everyone knows who you are. With love Sully


Not to worry about how college life will be or how my education will turn out. Everything, so far, has been great and I'm satified with how things have come out to be. It has been difficult at times, but it's nothing that I heaven't been able to conquer.


The college life is very different from high school life. When you enter to the university you need to be focused and decided in what you want, that will hepl you to succed. Set priorities and been responsible is vital for a good perfomance. Set short-term goals in order to complete your long-term goals, that will hepls you to go step by step and see your carrer easier. College life is a great and enriching expirience , just keep in mind that there is time to everything, maintain the balance between the academic and the personals things, and victory would be yours.


If I was able to go back in time and tell myself something as a high school senior it would definitley be to figure out what you really want to major in before you start taking classes, paying for them and then changing your mind. I would've told myself to get a job right away, because you don't know it yet, but you will be stuck paying for college all by yourself. Stay on top of your work, study hard, and apply for scholarships right away. If I would've known that information then, it would've been a lot easier to pay for school now.


I will tell myself to be prepare mentaly to be more responsable and to create good studing habits. Which i have now but i took like a week to get used to it.


I remember very clearly the anxiety of knowing I was headed to college, and worse still, "What college?" As hard and trying as the process of find and enrolling at a higher institution can be, I wish I could go back to that nearly-given up young woman to quench her fears and remind her that this is an a life-changing experience, an exciting moment that will revolutionize her future. I would like to reaffirm her by telling her not to worry because even though she could not find perfect institution, she was still to learn and grow no matter where she stood, because no matter where you are you learn and change, and in the end there is no perfect, ready-made school for you. On the contrary, you make it a perfect institution by taking advantage of all the opportunities that it may offer you, partaking in all that you can, and allowing yourself to learn all that you have wanted to know. To enjoy the process... I still fervently feel the preocupation of what the future might hold for me but no matter where I am, I'm ready to explore!


This is your life. That would be the main idea I would want to tell my high school self. I would like to tell her slacking off doesn't affect anyone but you. No matter what people want for you it will not happen unless you want it for yourself and you work hard to get it. Nothing is given to you, forget about your past and everything coming with ease and no effort. This is the real world with no handouts. When you enter into college, please take it seriously. Get involved in clubs, in accountability programs, and work hard to find financial aid! Walk pass the boys and although social clubs are good, focus on what can make you a better student and can get you ready for life outside of college. Don't give up on yourself because you are stronger than you should ever have to find out. Love you and your life is limitless.


if i could go back in time and talk to myself, i would tellmyself that i shouldnt worry so much about college, because its not as bad as people make it to be. i would tell myself to live in the present and not the future. and that i should be greatful that im able to go to college.


Dont stop being who I am. The future will only get better and I know I will be one of the best in my career.


If I could travel in time and see myself before enrolling in my current university I would grab my shoulder, sit my past self down and while looking at him in the eye I would advice him: "I know it has been hard, and you have lots of doubts, but before yo make any mistakes, realize there is a place where you can be yourself, where you can express your creativity, where you can have a great future and dozens of amazing friends if you look right pass other offers and choose the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. But don't think just because this is the right choice that it will be easy, you will find competition, you will work hard, you will have some sleepless night studing but in the end it will give you big rewards, keep at it." Before a walk away I leave in his hand my academical credit transcript, with good grades and my name writen on it and just before he has a chance to speak in awe, I walk away only looking back to give a comforting smile, thinkins to myself "It was the best choice."


I began my studies at another institution and now I'm in this institution, I feel more focused. In college I found American inter what I wanted and now where I want to go. If I was in high school again because I would choose this intitucion has offered everything I want and I can be an excellent professional opportunities offered to me.


The main thing would be to keep studying and not give up at the end, no matter how close it is to the end of the school year every grade counts. I would tell myself to study extra hard for all my finals because there could have been someting that I forgot to study. Throughtout the school year I could do all the extra credit that would be available to bring up my grades even more. However the most important thing would be to never ever procastinate.


Karina, now that I know how is college life i have to tell you something important. First, continues to give your best in each course and take it as if you were to open a window to the future. Live each day as if it were the last. Rate everything that you are learning will serve as a great way for when you get to college. Stay in touch with your friends and their teachers as always, because you might need them some day. Keep a good average as you always have done, and otherwise, keep being that lively young, hungry to learn, with a thirst for reading and love of wisdom. Put your enthusiasm on learning pianobecause that will have beautifuls benefits in the future. Enjoy this stage to the fullest because I assure you that the coming will be much better. And never forget that the passion you bring in you, is the same that will make you succeed in college. You would be fine out there because you have this desire to learn and grow in each area that makes up this cycle called life that both you strive to describe and understand. Succes.


You create the world you live in. There is no good or bad, just better or worse. Only illusions of self control the mind. Find out the true meaning of self and be open to everything, looking at it as teachers, even the worst of situations can be the best lessons. Do not mistake the symbols for the reality. Understand that language divides not only people, but you from the rest of everything, and that there is no definite point where the skin ends and atmosphere begins. Meaning that, you in reality is everything and the mind is like a prism reflecting many colors. You have the will to choose which colors you see and let in, to paint the color scheme in your world. So let all colors be availible to you, so that you may find the maximum potential to what can be achieved in your vision of life. Choice comes from the inside. Everything in life is reflected from the inner to the outer. Life is paradoxes. Who is the seer which sees you. Happiness is a skill which is like a muscle, it must be practiced for success, and like anything. LOVE the life you live.


The first thing I would say serious, study what you really want do not be ashamed to say it. The sky is the limit, you have the ability to be whatever you want to be but it takes time, focus on what you do and make plans for long term. We are in life what we want to be. Studying is the legacy that we can offer in the future to our family and our planet as human beings. Dream big and you will live big.


I would tell myself to study even more hard that when I was in highschool because is a lot more difficult and stop being shy making friends and talking to new people. More important I would tell myself to be prepared for the high cost of study and to try save all the money that I can in my senior year.


The best advice that I would give to myself was to search about the profession that I decide to study and visualize myself being a proffesional. The best advice is to be sure of take the career that you love and make you feel complete because the choice you make is going to mark your life forever.


Gloria, I am your future self helping you decide what concentration to finally study and what is the best college university to study at. I know that at this moment you feel lost with not much sense of direction due to the fact that it has been recently you lost your mom and moved to Puerto Rico and had to adjust to a whole different culture and language, but you should know that not all is as bad as it seems. I have seen and expierenced things in the future that you need to know. Although computers and internet were not big when you graduated, in the near future it will be the next big thing and most of all it will become your passion. So, my first advice would be to learn all you can about computers and internet. The best place that I have discovered for this learning to take place is at the Interamerican University Arecibo Campus. You will feel accepted and right at home. You will not experience all the fustration that I experienced at my first choice of college. The professors will help you learn all that you need to learn and more.


Don't stop! Don't waste time. Have friends but not a lot of them, Those who ask you to let your school work for later, to go to parties, movies or drinking "just one beer" are not your real friends and certainly wont be there for you if you don't succeed. The best thing you can do now is focusing on your goals and going for them eagerly, jump over any obstacle with perseverance. Don't give up, you can do it. Don't look back at any step, go forward. The sky is the limit when you really want something with all your heart.


I have 42 years I was many years ago on that transition, but I can speak as I could make the transition to go to school because it was not easy starting school and having 35 years was once so when I started, now I have 42 year and all that time and rested not so far to continue studying. I do not think there are limited for further study, follow not limited, there are no barriers to follow. languages are not easy because my first language is Spanish and my second is not very good English . I feel that I will be an asset to you department if given the opportunity. Over the years I have expanded my education in Early Childhood, which will be beneficial for all developmental objectives for assisting individuals, families, staff, co-workers and outside clients with needs especially ones that involved using my bilingual skills since I am also fluent in Spanish. My qualifications include 13 years working directly with staff, families and children. I obtained my Associated Degree in Early Childhood with honor and I expected my graduation with my Bachelor degree in Early childhood in Dec. 2013 from University interamerican in Puerto


As seasons can change, so can people. This is a lesson I wish I had known in high school. As a senior, I was a very different student than I am now. I was always looking for what was easy, and this led to waiting two years before beginning college. I finally started, and found I had somehow changed, and was a brilliant and dedicated student. It still amazes me that I'm a member of Phi Theta Kappa, ended each semester on the Dean's List, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. As proud as I am of those achievements, I wish I had been this person in my 2007/2008 school year. My advice would be "don't give up on yourself. College is so different compared to high school, and I promise that you will find a passion and incredible thirst for knowledge there. You must give yourself that opportunity, even if all you want to do is run away from it. I am so proud of who I am now, but it breaks my heart that I didn't try sooner. Ours is a bright future, but I want to know just how bright it can be."


I would tell myself that time and organization is one of the most important things for a student who would like to be successful pursuing a degree at a University such as Inter American University system. I would also remind my self to enjoy college life while doing the most in academic matters. Use every single resource that is available for me at the campus such as talking to my Professors, counseling, library, tutors and any other resource that is availale to make students accomplishments possible. Be thankful of the opportunity that I have been given to have acces to knowledge by sharing what I have learned and by giving some of my time to my community as a volunteer.


Start with general course and explore careers before making a decision about your degree. If you have to switch degree do not feel discourage or upset because this is part of life and also part of getting to know youself. Also go to different universities to see their degree options and financial aid offers.


Of course i say that you I need to start with dedication and concentration in what you want to have. That make you finish your goal before you expect.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself advice on many issues. Since I made the transition to college when I was in my mid twenties and already had a family, I would tell myself to go to college right after high school. That way, the transition wouldn't be so difficult and all effort could be put into studying and concentrating on school. I would tell myself that when you have a husband and a child, your responsibilities increase dramatically and although it is absolutely possible to go to college when you have a family, it makes it harder to juggle being a wife, mother, and student. I would also tell myself to be patient because achieving a degree takes time and sometimes you need to take other classes before you can get into the class that you need for your degree or to transfer. Finally, I would tell myself to maintain an open mind. In college, you meet people from different backgrounds and professors that have their own style of teaching. By being open, you can navigate any situation you find yourself in.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to focus my mind in what really interests me. What makes me smile? Find that strenght inside to finish what I start, and accomplish more than I would dream. I would tell myself not to take friends for granted, to make memories and not shy away from teh camera. Make big goals and achieve them by planning small ones. Not to feel overwhelmed by time because it will begin to fly by. Just enjoy the ride and keep moving forward.


to not loose much time on study beacuse i m late and i supose to graduate like on 2007 but i loose my head and waste many times the time if i can make time back idont waste any second of my life


College is not as scary as people tend to describe it, nor is it as easy as high school. The thing is that you really have to be responsible, because now you are going to be treated as an adult. There are no excuses here, in high school you are treated like a kid sometimes, but that is over now. When you are in college it's a different world, you learn a lot of things, go thru new experiences, and meet a lot of people. The best advice to give is to stay focused, there will be a lot of parties and social activities to attend to, but you'll need to learn how to make a balance. In life there is time for everything, you'll just have to "sacrifice" a little bit of your social life and concentrate on your studies for a little while. Why a little while? Because in comparisson to all the years of life we have, we only spend a little of those studying, and the mayority of them executing what you've learn in college and what you have worked so hard to achieve.


If I were able to go back in time to speak to myself prior to high school graduation, I believe I would tell myself to choose what I really wanted. Not to be fooled by what others want me or expect me to do, but be true to myself. I believe this is important because whatever it is I study will be my work field after college graduation and to be a proper professional you need to enjoy what you do. I would also tell myself to do extensive research about the degrees available, because even though I was informed by counselors about various degrees it was still very difficult to choose one from a list without really understanding what they were about. I would basically tell myself to avoid making decisions to impress my superiors and just go with what I thought would be best for me, regardless of what others might later think. I would also like to emphasize on how important it is to try your best on every course, since things get more complicated the closer you get to concentration courses. In conclusion, I would tell myself to be smart and do what makes me happy.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self and my high school classmates as a senior, I would advise them to take the education issue seriously, because education is the base to succed in life. An educated person will have better opportunities to find a good job and eventually have the finances to make all his/her dreams come true.


The transition into college is one of the most exciting and reviving times of a young person's life. Life is seen as a blank slate with so many different opportunities to paint a distinct individulistic picture. Entering my freshman year of college I thought I had it all figured out. I got into one of the best nursing programs in the state, I was going to go to graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner, and then I was going to open and be in charge of my own clinic. I had my picture painted, filled in inside the lines with colors all of the same hue. Needless to say, after finishing two and a half years of nursing school and gaining hospital experience, I determined the possibility that nursing maybe was not my only option in life. This thought splattered neon colors all across my pretty painted life picture. The advice I would give myself now if I could go back in time would be to accept and embrace that change is okay. There is time to paint outside the lines, to make mistakes, and to learn to use a rainbow paint set not just black and white.


Que la universidad es la manera en el que el árbol va creciendo , la universidad es un lugar donde muchas cosas influyen en en las decisión, pero, antes que nada, existen dos grandes grupos: lo que has hecho antes y lo que piensas hacer después. Si estás cursando una carrera universitaria relacionada con la medicina, es probable que te encamines hacia la Facultad de Derecho, si estudias filosofía, es dificil que te encamines a Ingeniería. Si el único deporte que has practicado es el baloncesto, no sería de esperar que te encamines hacia una cancha de golf. Los paso que has dado anteriormente están condicionando en gran medida de que vas a dar después.Pero, por otro lado, también existe un futuro. Tenemos expectativas de futuro, esperamos algo del porvenir. Esto también afecta lo que vamos a hacer. Si estás estudiando, es porque te has hecho una imagen de lo que espera llegar a ser en el futuro: un profesional de la medicina, Los planes que tengas para tu futuro están guiando los pasos que das en el presente ,luego diras esto lo que quiero llegar a ser.


Many students enter college expecting good times, knowledge, friendships, and a new sense of direction. They soon find out that college comes with challenges and struggles because of the great demands and expectations that are put on the importance of education. College students experience a great deal of stress, especially when they are trying to balance a full time job, raise children, and have a social life. The demands of doing many different things with very little time can become overwhelming. The daily tasks of working and meeting the demands of job obligation can leave a college student exhausted. There are a limited number of students who work full time jobs and attend college full time. Students often find themselves more exhausted when they are trying to schedule tasks, because there just does not seem to be enough time in one day. Putting in long hours and worrying about class schedules adds stress to a student life. College has many rewards get burned out and give up too soon. The pressure and time managing can all be worked out with patience and lots of understanding from family and friends.Many students begin to feel pressure that often leads to depression .


If I had that chance, I would do the same because I consider myself as a fighter talking about my goals. I will encourage myself to meove on until I reach my goals.


I would definetly say to myself, do not go easy on your last year of high school and dont let others pursuade you into picking careers that they want you to choose. Go with what you feel is right! And even do your first year of college might seem really hard and awkward try to do your best because at the end it will pay off and everything will fall into place like you dreamed it would.


For most students high school is all about partying, but for others is not. I have had a really tough life in which I suffered a lot with family problems. Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself I would give only one advice. I would say to me, Alejandra María Cancel Cintrón "Do not let nobody break your dreams or make you doubt that you can achieve them". In the past I did not knew that and I cried a lot because I thought that I could not make in life, that it was not worth the trying. Right know I can see it from a whole new panorama. When we are conceived, we are born alone, which means that we have to make it by ourselves in life. I mean is our dream, not anobody else dream. In life you have to try hard and fight for what you want, unless is never going to be worth it.


advice I give to myself is to go forward and never give up because in this life nothing is impossible. You can find life difficult and complete university but if you think positive and always telling you "I will achieve" "I will not give up" Believe me, you spend a little work to get along with this new life and you could until you achieve your goals. look on the bright side of this life and see that you're going to achieve. I always say the best and I will achieve my goals, never compare yourself with others. Study, take for Forward never give up and see that you're going to achieve.


Entering college is something a little more seriously because education levels are required above and decide for a profession is something of personal interest and so you have to sacrifice a little more. It's a new challenge over time will become your lifestyle, your vocation and passion.


I advise that I minded in my studies, get good grades and be more attentive to teachers, because the university is stronger, more is expected of me and not be wasting time because I can prove costly. Every minute is important to study, do homework assigned to me is extremely important to my progress and my average.


Warn you to beware the bad deciciones and analyze all the points before taking deciciones important. I also would continue the path of goodness always looking to grow as a human being and person.