Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


also i wish i had known before coming to this university. when i decided what i wanted to study i didnt know this university had the program. so, i wish i had known that this university had what i wanted to study.


I think that this school has all the components to make a student competitive and complete in his career. I expected all that I have had in this school and I have no surprises yet, is my best experience as a college student inter Arecibo. teachers are cooperating with ls students and the administration is very accommodating to students. books and resources are clear and straightforward for students. I am well pleased to be in this school where there is no discrimination or prejudice. as a student I want to finish my career responsible at this place of experience and


A little of knowlegde about my major concentration.


nothing beacuse its an excellent university


First of all I chose this college because college is a highly advanced in the criminal justice field that's what I'm currently studying and has a highly professional credibility that I think I already knew enough of this university from which I am very proud. Now I can answer that question as I saw it liked to know more about your online academic system which is very vital in the academic world can also say that many who enter this university not prepared for this system.before i came . i though its gonna make me very smart.


I will like to know all the programs they have to help students to fulfil their goals, conserning with scholarships.


Nothing. Everything is simply perfect on it. I really don't regret even one little thing for applying to Inter American University of Puerto Rico.


That the computer center was too small and limited.


I wanted to know before everyone in this school is very nice but the other universities and they do everything to help students achieve their goals, this would have made me take decition to study it from the beginning. This is the only thing I regret.

Hermes Jose

Becuase was Christian-Echumenical I said is good BUT do not!! I am here and I am thinking to finish... I need only my diploma


The variety of economic aid offered by the university to complete without any problem my studies.


I wish I would've known what I really wanted to major. I wish I would have gone to the school counselor for career path guidance.


I wish I would have known all the activities and scholarship programs this institution offers. Many students are afraid of studying in this school because they think that they will not be able to afford their studies, but the truth is that this school helps their student in both academically and economically.


The wide variety of courses offered on campus and all aid offered. If we had known, I would have enrolled in it since the outset.


I really don't have any negative comments about the university. I graduated in Argentina in 1992 and received my teachers degree , moved here in 1999 when I married a puertorrican but have had a very hard time getting a teaching position because of the differences in education and curriculum so I decided to start all over again and am curently studying to obtain my Bachelors degree in ESL. The whole learning experience at the university has been plesant and very satisfactory, I really can't complain.


I already knew a little about how it was this university, but now I'm at it I can say it is a good university. Univsidad knew this was of good quality and had informed me that she could reach my mind, as with professional teachers. So far I have achieved all my goals, and the treatment it gives me great pleasure is for me. Every time I talk to a friend or acquaintance about how the uiversidad, are interested in it and go to find information to study it. Definitely everything I said it was true.


I would have liked to know a little more about extra curricular activities and on campus jobs.


More information about special loan programs. The credits are just a little expensive, but I like the university and its environment.


Nothing I'm happy with everything.


Antes de entrar a la Universidad Interameicana ha estudiar trabajo social me hubiese gustado conocer y viajar a los Estados Unidos para poder conocer las universidaddes que ofrecen dicho programa. Aunque siempre tengo ese sue?o de poder hacer mi maestria y doctorado en dicho pa?s.


The economic expense. Even with a student aid, it is extremly hard to finance transportation, clothing, text books, ect.


I would have wish to know the different kinds of departments and where the buildings were located, I got lost lots of times and got late to classes. Also this school is very expensive, I really wish to have known that.


Nothing everything is great at this school


Progresar, cumplir mis suenos y ofrecer mejor futuro a mis hijos. (spanish)


There is really nothing I can say. Because I did a lot of reserch before I applied for this school.


I believed that there was no surprise when I came to this college. I was well informed about everything and I'm very happy at this institution.


It is one of the best universities in puerto rico, which has a variety of courses at different academic levels. A variety of economic aid and a very helpful staff.


have clearly defined your goals, you have to spend time with your class to succeed, have confidence in yourself and if you need any help, feel free to go where your classmates, teachers and counselors. They are always willing to help


I wish I would have known that we were in the process of getting a new President to the college, because she has caused many hurt feelings since entering the campus. Some good things and also some bad things. This ends up making it quite rough on the small campus that we have.