Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best has been the power analyze and reflect on issues, daily classes and live situations, which are the same as discussed in class because my school has to do with social research. That's what I'm here and I have been determined to follow, for me is the best of the university classroom interaction cn Discussed topics.


Prosesors are very commited to help students. The campus is very clean and nice. They have a good counseling grop


There is a feeling of youthful vitality and the campus thrives on this energy by providing much to do and many opportunities to take advantage of. It a growing institution and therefore is open-minded, and you can be a part of that change that will strengthen this community of striving professionals. The school offers many programs and is known for being an economical option to those Latinos living in the US studying abroad in Latin America. Even though it is a private institution with its efficency and commitment it is great, affordable education compared to a US institution.


I consider Me the best thing of my school. This may sound weird but I mean that i answer that because they teach me that the only person who can stop me is myself. They teach me that if i have a different vision to all who are around me, does not change my circumstances. Because i know I'm different, we all are diferent's, I am an adjunct that make different all day's in that wonderful place that we call school. It's me because i have a different way of understanding things, it's about me.


I chose the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico to study my bachelor because it is a university founded on Christian values and a great learning environment. I want to be a great professional future society with values, integrity, discipline and above all sensitivity. The best thing that gives me this university is that your dreams stop being dreams and help of all my efforts and become reality. My university graduates professionals but especially great human beings.


The best thing I consider about my school is the way the professors give their all to make sure you learn what they are teaching you. They make sure you understand the topic. When we graduate we will be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} professionales with an excellent understanding of our area of studies.


There are many great things to say about my school, but if I have to choose the best is that there is someone always there to help you in each and every office you may need assistance.


Lo mejor de mi universidad es su alta educacion ,el aprendizaje , su atencion a nosotros los estudiantes ,la preparacion academica e profesional , su manera de preparar a nosotros los proximos hacer profesionales en un futuro .


What I consider it is the best about my school is everything. Sincerly I would recommended to anyone. It has so many good people and such a great faculty. Every professor is always trying to help you and are so caring, plus they really care for your grades. In my school they have tutors, counselors, and all of help you can get. It's a great base to start your professional career.


the best thing about the university where the study is the study environment that has provided help give you a very good, the classes with the teacher and other students is an excellent and cozy academic class. Study on whether the inter american university of Puerto Rico-Arecibo because that's where I feel most comfortable to study and because it will prepare me academically and professionally well.


This university is perfect for me, because I like the services we offer to students and the security provided by the planter. In this institution care about helping students, offer free internet service, copiers and flexible schedules. On the other hand I like to qualify the class of each teacher and that allows new students receive a better education.


The best thing about college is that many teachers are very helpful to students. They worry about the education they receive.


Excellent teachers, very good deal to you as a person, you always try to provide the best possible help, and more that teachers always talk and help you as friends. For me Is the best University !!!!!!!


My university has many interesting parts in which students can feel at ease, as the chapel, basketball court, theater, game room, library and so on.


The education, professors are well educated and helpfull


The attitude of the student and the attitude too of the professors because they create a great environment for studying .


I think that the better thing of the univercity is the service to the student of the employer and teachers and also the university life inside the university


The best thing about Interamerican University Arecibo Campus is its work force. From Proffesors to Administrative personel everyone is very student oriented. They do their most effort to help you achieve your ends meet.


the school this very well prepared, in good location and with professors of excellence.


The better thing that has the inter-American university they are his teacher, because they Teach a good education to all his students.


I consider that there are a lot of things really good about my college. The quality of profesors we have at the campus it's excellent. The facilities are always in perfect conditions. But I think the best thing my college have is their supportive spirit, always encouraging us students to finish our career and acomplish our dreams.


The education. The reason why I have always recognized this institution is for the excellent education they provide. Become familiar with each person and you extends the hand of a very successful day after day and seek a way to educate you to become a future profecial.


The best thing to me in my school is my professors that give all my major classes.


Because the professional, infraestructure, classroom, and facilities is excelents condition.


The best thing about my school is the professors. The professors know each student and are interested in them in exceeding both in college and as future professionals. They help students find internships, and prepare them to succeed in any future endeavor they propose. This makes the school experience feel more personal, and not just another face in the crowd trying to compete with everyone else.


The friendly environment and the good access you have of resources. Becaus if you have any doubt you can go to any councelour or professor and they will give you the approppiate help.


Yo considero que lo mejor de la Universidad es su ambiente social, ya que su gente estan dispuestos a ayudar.


I have the flexebility to work and go to school.