Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metro Top Questions

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A unique mix of multicultural heritage with a lot of racial and ethnic variety. Thanks to a strong honors financial support program I was able to study with basically a full ride that was very helpful to my family. Lots of very good and strong professors with old links in my field that were able to and willing to advise me and expand my opportunities. Thanks to its location near me I did not feel the need to consider many other schools, honestly.


The Inter American University offers an easy application process, compared to other schools that make this process hard and tedious. Also, its campus is well equipped and provides students different tools to complement their studies (technology wise). Most definitely is one of the best and respected schools in Puerto Rico, alongside the public state universities that even though are cheaper, they’re less student “friendly” and make every process as hard and difficult as possible (which is totally ironic).


The classes required for my major are in Spanish so it makes the learning process a little difficult. To that same extent it pushes me and forces me to adapt and learn another language.


This university provides you with a chance to study in a trimester program, unlike the traditional semester. A trimester school year consists of 3 trimesters in one school year which can equate from 36-45 credits on one school year!