Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metro Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First to study as fast as possible. It took me five years to finish my bachelor’s degree. Now I know that if I would have finished faster I could have started my Master's Degree faster and finished with a younger age. Also, I would tell myself to select a major in accounting instead of computer science. In Puerto Rico I could not find a job for in the computer science filed because all the jobs require five years’ experience. In accounting there are more opportunities of finding a job and of growing in position at companies. I would tell myself to never give up, continue to complete the educational goals that I need and want to achieve. The younger you start working on a job with a degree the better opportunities you can get to better yourself as a professional.


I would tell myself to be excited, not scared. College was one of the best experiences of my life, and I wouldn't want to go back to high school for anything in the world. It was the first time I was able to really be my own person, and although I made mistakes and there were challenges, that's worth more than anything. It's very easy when you're in high school to get caught up in the anxiety and the fear-mongering built up around the difficulty around college--something I think early schooling pushes in order to imbue us with a sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, i think for many it takes the joy and hope out of the collegiate image of our futures. I would say that it's important to face college with the knowledge that, although there are new expectations, it is not a system designed to make you fail. Rather, it is one that is invested in your success and your future. Go into it with a good head and a clear consience, and keep yourself responsible. But don't think that being responsible means you can't enjoy it, too!


I would start of by telling myself that time management is crucial (working two jobs and going to school full time, is far beyond easy). Also, that at any time our lives can take a 360 turn and change not only who we are, but also who we want to become (in February 2012, just before my 22nd birthday I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; and so this has encouraged me to continue studies in fitness and nutrition at Oregon State university). Even though college life can sometimes be hectic, stressful and in occasions filled with obstacles; those are only tests that’ll measure our judgment, our coping methods and our resilience. There will be ups and downs, good times and times when we will be challenged not only intellectually, but emotionally as well. It’s important to remember that it’s all worthwhile and an essential part of the learning process for becoming a professional. Finally, I would advise myself to take risks leaving behind my comfort zone, because that’s when true progress and real achievements start happening; exceeding consequently our own personal goals.


I would go back and tell myself to move to Puerto Rico right after graduation instead of spending a year in Florida. It will make the transition of being here in the present day a little smoother and more bearable when it comes down to that language barrier. Also I would be half way done with school and closer to that goal of Med School.


Life is decisions, and when we choose what we love, we must strive to attain it. It is certainly not be an easy way, but the decisions we make in turn lead to other decisions that are no less important as health, activities, family, friends, in order to maintain a balanced life. For this reason I would say to myself, fight for what you want, but also defends what makes you happy as traveling, sharing with family, composing, playing piano, sewing, among others. Can not go wrong in choosing the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Metro Campus, because you will learn, make many friends, and you will achieve many more things I think besides being very happy. And crucially, people think and say what they want, but always hears you decide what you really want because you will enjoy or suffer only what you choose in your life, people live their own lives as they wish, and if you do not 're happy no one will do for you, so the most important thing is that you're in your life immensely happy.


I have gotten plenty of useful experiences out of my college experience, not all of them have been positive but they have all let me grow as an individual. Some of the professors here in the Interamerican University are flat out lazy and dont care. I made sure that I didnt repeat a course with that professort because it would disable me from learning anything! Not only that but it would be a waste of time and money as well. So i have learned to choose my professors wisely. I have met alot of new people, alot of them are foreigners from Africa, The Netherlands, and even Vietnam! I have met alot of amazing profesors as well. This university is nice but you have to dig a little to get the best of it.


If I could go back in time and tell myself anything about college life it would have to be to never take anything at face value and understand that making a decision about your career is difficult and takes time. In college you are usually thrown into an atmosphere that you have to adapt to, just as you did in the transition from elementary school to high school, and during this time you can face countless challenges. Know that life is unexpected and what you may think is a good choice as a senior in high school might not be something beneficial to you as a college student. Just as important know that this is a time to live and have fun but also realize that it is about making the best choices for you and your life. Never say that you know what you want to study, always have a path in mind, but understand just as well that it can change in a heartbeat. In addition, you will meet many knew people but know that not everyone comes with the best intentions, so keep your head on your shoulders and use your best judgment at all times.


First I'll say to follow your dream. When I was a senior I wanted to be a teacher, but because in Puerto Rico it isn't a good or rewarded job I got a lot of "Are you crazy!". I followed that. Started studying business administration, only to drop out later. Ten years later, after going in and out of colleges, in different mayors and a daughter later, I'm studying what I wanted in the first place: Secondary Education Math teacher. I love it now!!! I'll also like to tell myself to choose a school wisely. I chose another school at first because it's more renowned and supposedly better. Didn't do any research. Bad choice, not good at all. I ended regretting the time I spent there, too much bureaucracy to do anything. Finally, I'll tell myself to be focused on what you want in life. It's easy to get distracted around here. Peer pressure and parties everywhere can get you out of college, just focus yourself in what you want, get your priorities straight and be social, get out, have a life, but always remember who you are and what you want.