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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


if i could go back in time my senior year i would of made alot of better choices. the better choices would have benefited me alot better. more likely i would be enrolled in school along time ago and the pursuing the career ive wanted. even though its a plus im going into the career i want. during highschool i never knew or thought to think about why college was so important. i thought the real world was going to be easy, but i was very wrong. Just as my mother had warned me, the real world is no joke. college especially isnt easy, i wish there was another part of me senior year that would of known what its like. the advice i would of given myself would be to work as hard as i could, no fooling around taken my education seriously because maybe it would of been a little easier


first of all I would tell me that college really help people that really want to become someone in life. I also would tell me not to lose time in other colleges like I did, I would adviced me to go right to ITT. As I mentioned before ITT change my life and i is helping me to get a better future ''I think iI am doing great, my grades are exellent plus a graduated with high onors. I want ot be a probation officer and I think i am getting there.


I would tell myself to have faith that education is the answer and to go straight to college after high school. I would tell myself that taking college classes would open my eyes to areas of study that really interest me. I would tell myself to use school as a tool to clearly understand myself- the subjects that I do not like, as well as the sujects that I do like. Further in school, I would tell myself to continue to enroll in the classes that interest me, for if I do what I love, I will never work a day in my life. :)