Iona College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I think brag is a poor word choice, but I share my experiences surrounding New York City. Iona is so very close to Manhattan and I was lucky enough to spend many days and nights in the city going to concerts, sporting events, and exploring one of the most famous regions in the world.


I tend to brag about how cute the guys are. We do have some pretty cool professors that give tons of chances and the students are laid back and goofy for the most part.


It's a private school, with a Devision 1 athletics program.


i always brag about how close it is to the city. it's a half hour away by train. there's also a lot of internships/job opportunities because of that proximity.


There is a sense of community at Iona . In addition offers many programs that foster spiritual development and cultural awareness.


Beautiful campus, good meal plan


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag mostly about the proximity to New York City and the availability of activities to do because of that. Also, I can brag about having a graduate program that is specified exactly to what I want to do, which leaves me to get into a masters program almost as soon as I gaduate.


How long I stay in school. I basically spend half the day their but I love it.


That we are near the city


About all the opportunities there are to be involved, get experience, and get a job after graduation.


I just love everything about the school. the friends i made the classes i take, everything.