Iona College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who can appreciate the small, seminar-focused classroom structure. Having my teachers know me by face and name was definitely a plus for Iona. The school is quite small, but it is possible to meet enough people to generate a promising social life. Do not come here expecting the college archetype seen in movies: big parties, pep rallies, ect...but Iona has it's charms and I would definitely reccomend it to any students looking for a college that feels like home, a small cozy home.


A person that should attend this school is an outgoing person. Someone who loves to explore new things and loves to be involved with different opportunities. Also someone that wants to explore a different environment and get a better feel then what high school was like.


Someone who wants to work in a business field and has the money.


A person who is seeking professional and moral growth should attend Iona College.


Anyone who is inteested in getting a great education at a reasonable price. Anyone tht is interested in business or science and the liberal arts.


everyone can go to this school




Live in or arround the area, dont care about school spirit or sports, dont mind guidos


People that should attend this school are people from far away. The appeal of Iona College only appeals to out-of-towners and they are the only ones who seem to stay long enough to graduate.


a person who likes a small classes and small campus but loves to be close to the city


anyone can find their niche.


There are two types of people, those who are materialistic and those who are seriosuly interested in helping others. I think that students who work hard can find a lot of opportunity here and I would encourage socially responsible people to attend Iona College.