Iona College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would encourage students to take the time to visit all of the schools that they are considering and to speak to current students so that they choose the best school for them. I would also encourage students to research the clubs and organizations of the schools that they are considering, as well as the majors, so that they are better able to understand each aspect of the college. Lastly, I would encourage students to choose the college that they feel is the best fit for them, regardless of what others may want for them. There are so many different things to keep in mind when choosing a college, including finances, majors, and the social community, but in the end you have to be happy with your choice. Make sure that the people are accepting and can relate to you. Also make sure that the college can offer the major that you want. When you are in college, it is important to be open and accepting of others. It is also important to remember to have fun, but have your priorities in order. Making friends is very important, but do not forget that schoolwork is as well.


I think the key to finding the right college is the feelings you get when you visit, like at an open house. At Iona, I felt like I was part of the community and I wasn't even in college yet. If you see yourself being comfortable in that setting in regards to class size, student population, and the current professors and students you have met - then that is a very good sign. Afterall, you have to be comfortable in the school you are choosing - you're going to be there for four years!! And of course, the college also has to fulfill your academic needs, whether you want to be a teacher or an engineer take a look at the programs offered and see what school will give you the best preparation and academics to succeed in a career for the future.


Talk to the students that already attend that college


The most important advice I could give anyone when trying to find the right college would be to look at the whole picture and to chose something that excites and interests them. Do not stick to the familiar, go outside one's comfort zone. College is about learning not only what is found in text books, but also about learning about ones self. Looking at the whole picture, choose a school that challenges you academically and socially, that inspires you to try new things and go above and beyond. You also want a school that can provide you with a safe and comfortable living environment, and the resorces necessary to achieve your goals and aspirations. Finally, chosing a school with a strong sense of community is essential. Knowing that people, whether it be students or faculty, are available to help you with any issues you may have is comforting. It allows you to avoid feeling overwhelmed and feel secure when you mistakes because you know someone is there to help.


Make sure you pick the school you want to go through not the school someone else wants you to go to. When in college, just have fun but remember you're there for school and dont let your social life disrupt that.


finding the right college is not easy. you have to be sure if you want a large or small school and what you want to do with the rest of your life. its a difficult decision but my biggest suggestion would be to visit the campus's that you are interested in. when i came to iona i felt like that was where i was supposed to be immediately and then i was comfortable with my decision and 4 years later im so happy i stuck to my guns because i have had the best experience here


Go to the campus, go on tours. Visit friends without your parents to get a feel of the social life. Make sure the food is good. Make sure they seem to know their stuff, and that the programs work for you.


Find a college/university that you feel you will get the best academic and social experience out of. Forget about costs, unless you are in a really bad financial situation, because you cannot put a price on something as valuable and imperative as a higher-level education. The college experience is part of the success of your education as well. Dorm; live off-campus. Having time for your own self to develop as an adult and learn responsibility, trust, and management will only give you an advantage as you grow older.


You just know as soon as you step foot on the campus whether or not its your school. Just trust your own gut. And parents let your children decide don't try to get them to go to your alma mater, just trust your children.


Absolutely, when searching for a college, go and visit them. Make time, visit as many as you can and make sure everything about the college and campus feels right to the student, not the parents. Try and take a student-guided tour, talk to people who attend and work at the college and see what life at the college is like. Then, when you find a college that is right, make some friends and get involved. Sitting in your room all day is boring and leaves you with nothing but regret for the things that you never did. Get your schoolwork done, but have fun along the way. Clubs and organizations are there for you, the student, so take advantage of them. Don't forget to eat healthy, and don't party too hard. Be safe, have fun, these are the best years of your life.




Research the school you want to go to first, and also take a visit to the school. This could be the best way to get a vibe from the school and if you connect with the school.


look for scholarships, and aim high because you'll never know what horizons you could reach.


I would say that it is important for students to visit the campuses of the schools that they are interested in. I would encourage overnight stays so that students can see if they really feel comfortable on campus. I would also tell students to consider a variety of campuses in different locations, for example urban, suburban and rural. Each campus setting has a different feel to it and has something different to offer. Finally, I would say for students not to let money hold them back from attending the school that they want. Iona College is expensive but I am having a great time and I have a wealth of opportunity here.


you really have to fall in love with the college you cant force your child to go where you want them to go its really there decision and let them have there space and there fun


To the parents I would tell them to stay on top of everything their child does so that they feel more eager about what they do and give them plenty of support when making the decision of what school their child should attend and keep that same enthusiasm through out their time in college. To the students finding the right college is hard make sure you do plenty of research and when you find the right school make the best of your time their, be responsible because your on your own and ALWAYS make the best of it and everything will be just fine. I can't tell you more then that because everyone?s experience is different you control what happens just follow these easy points and you will be fine.


Choose a college that fits your needs and wants.


The best advice that I would give a parent or student is to start doing research on colleges or universities as soon as possible. The best time to start would be the beginning to middle of your junior year in high school. If you can, visit the campus and see if it the type of environment that you would like to be around. There is a lot of paper work and forms to fill out so be patient and make sure you complete all your forms and applications correctly. It is so exciting to here that you got into one of your top choices for college so make sure that you do well in during your high school career. As soon as you are accepted in, make sure you join a lot of clubs and get involved as much as possible! College is the best time of your life, so make the most of it.


When trying to find the right college not only should you visit the campus, you should definetly interact with the students and faculty to find out more and see what really goes on. When I visited I spole with many students, alumni, and faculty and they gave me the inspiration I needed to make my choice in choosing Iona College. To make the most of the college experience you need to get involved with activities and always read the newsletters in your emails to see week to week what is going on, on campus. Most of all stay for classes you dont really understand because the professors look at this as a way to know that your really interested and determined to do well. This can also help when they decide to give you those extra points for your grade. In school you have to be determined and work hard to get where you want, many successful people out there such as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and many others got where they are because of keeping their head high and focusing on what they truly believe.