Iona College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school was the proximity. It was 7 miles from my home in the Bronx which made it very convenience for commuting purposes. The school was rigorous, yet doable. Teachers were helpful and the classrooms were small, most containing 20 kids at the max.


The best thing about my school is that there are plenty of activities for you to get involved in. You wont ever be bored because there is something for you to do all the time. This is a good thing because you can get more involved and be more known with the school.


Community Service projects because we get to help many other people in need


Iona College is where role models and leaders are made who will continue the work of blessed Edmund Rice. Iona is a traditional Catholic college that is centered on the life of Edmund Rice. Iona encourages students to be role models and leaders of Edmund Rice in their generation by giving back to the community. Students are exposed to harsh realities of our world such as poverty and hunger. Iona has organizations such as the Edmund Rice Society where student leaders participate in midnight runs, soup kitchens, and charity events. Students develop a skill set to continue being a change.


The best thing is the closeness of it all, from the closeness with other students and roommates, to the closeness between students and professors, not just space-wise (since the campus is cozy), but emotionally as well, it provides a sense of security and belonging.


The students. My roomates and other friends I have made are great. They have all helped me adjust to being away for the first time. I've learned to enjoy myself through our friendship.


Teachers are always there to help. Its a small campus so class sizes are small making it easier to interact with the teacher.


during the week there's always something going on. you can always find somewhere to be or something to do if your bored.


The school is small and makes everyone feel like they're a part of the family.


We have small class sizes which makes up a close community. Therefore, professors are always around to help you with your school work whenever you are in need. This makes me feel much more comfortable when I am participating in class discussion.


It's small and in the middle of a city


The small classes, and the professors know what they are talking about


the best thing about this school is that you can have a one on one relationship with your professors. that really makes a difference because you feel like they actually care about you