Iowa Central Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give myself the same advice. One big advice I would give to myself is start saving money super early and do not wait! I would tell myself to make friends early and do not wait about that either.


Dear Ana, I am writing this letter because I know how frightened and worried you are but I want to tell you that college is not that scary. Remember to keep yourself focused and not think that because your dad passed and you have a little one coming everything is over. Many women have gone to school and graduated having children, why can't you? Your life is not over, it is just about to start. Your family may be angry about what is going on, but they will come around and your dad will always watch over you. Many people do not think you will make something of yourself. Show all those who doubt you that you will get done with school and all those who love you will support you in every way possible. Your baby will be the biggest motivation to keep going with school because you know you will be able to provide for him in the future. Continuing your education is the best decision you have made so far. Your senior year will show you what a strong person you are. Now show them what you are made of. Sincerely, The Future You


If I could return a have a conversation to myself about the currrent college life, I would first start off about the amazing choices and opportunities for the various ways one could gain access to a college degree. I would explain to myself about all the different product offerings in higher education. The traditional campus vs. non-traditional learning opportunities such as on-line, both classroom and online, certifications offerings, tuition reimbursement, loan forgiveness for teachers, and certain other professions and the wonderful opportunity to study aboard which I would love to take advantage of in my next year and half with Bellevue before I earn my BS. I would most certainly explain that I could tailor my educational preferences to my learning and life styles. Lastly, I would advise myself to always seek opportunities to not only learn but also serve in a civic capacity and never discount the Libral Arts, education's bedrock. Does not matter how technically advance the world becomes the libral arts are most necessary to explore and understand the human experiences (beauty and complexities) throughout history until our current era. Truly EDUCATION is an American Express expression "No one should leave home without it."


The advice I would give myself is go to class study hard gradulate get a good job. I now understand the importance of a college education especially in our current economy. I understand that it may not be easy, but what worth working for is? I would tell myself it won't be easy I will get stressed but don't get discouraged four years from now I'll say attending college is the best choice I ever made. I would tell myself and other high school students looking into college to do so. I have had a great experience and I'm glad I valued my educated enough to commit to four more years. Another thing I would tell myself while parties and the crazzy stereotypes college students have I have a responsibilty not only to myself but my family, teammates and coaches and future family.Accademics come first and I don't want to work for minimum wage for the rest of my life even though I now realize how blessed I was to have a job and supportive community around me to help me overcome all of the obstacles and future obstacles life may bring my way.


The first thing I would tell myself would be to listen! I passed up on so many opportunities! I could have saved alot of money by taking classes towards my degree during my senior year of highschool. Another thing I would tell myself would be to take my ACT on time. Rather then doing this, I opted into taking the Compass test just to get into Iowa Central Community College. I believe this hurt me in the end as my composite score suffered immensely. I Would also tell myself not to get caught up in the mess that comes with applying to EVERY school that I've ever thought about attending. I felt overwhelmed with college paperwork. between entrance essays and letter's of rocommendations, I had little time to sit down and actually consider each of my options thoroughly.


I wish I would have considered all the pro and cons about going to Iowa Central. I wish I would have thought about how I would like to go home often and see family. I wish I would have really considered living in a dorm with three other girls. I wish I would have looked at more schools instead of making a quick decision. I wish I would have talked to my high school advisor about all the college credits i received, before choosing my college. I wish I would have talked with my parents more about the decision, since it is really big change.


get ready for adjusting to living with 4 other teenage boys and no mom!


Focus in the classes you are taking, and don't fall behind. Don't skip class either, because it is very easy to fall behind. If you don't understand something, get help right away, because it won't get any better later on. Take some fun classes too, they are a nice break from the hard, time-demanding classes.


Just be yourself and enjoy life. Don't stress too much about everything. Things will work out in the end. Keeps your eyes on the prize at the end of the long hard road. You deserve this, never give up!