Iowa Central Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is a community college so many of the the kids dont put much effort into their work and do not try as hard as they should. That would be the worse part is seeing other kids and especially students that do not try. I have had a few teachers who do not put alot of effort into their classes and I never learn anything. That would be my biggest pet peeve is paying for a class and learning nothing.


Being stuck with roomates that I don't get along with. When you have homework and they don't, it is easy to get distracted. Sometimes they stop going to class and basically drop out, but still live in the room, so it makes it really hard to focus on homework and just doing well in class.


I don't find anything too frustrating with my school. I am in a specific program and we are have two teachers and we are in our own new building so it is really nice to stay focused on our education.