Iowa State University Top Questions

Describe the students at Iowa State University.


My classmates are very determined to succeed, forming study groups, doing homework, and networking.


pretty decent


Everyone here is super friendly and inviting. This school has one of the best atmospheres I have ever seen and its very refreshing.


My classmates would be extremely energetic about what they are learning and also very friendly as to welcoming me to campus.


My classmates are a big mixture of people from many different backgrounds, of many different interests, with many different goals.


My classmates are people that get along together well but at the same time you may be freinds with that person. If you wanted to you could easily become friends with those people as well.


My classmates are fun people who are accepting of diversity and the weirdest of weird things you can do.


Very fun people to be with, always willing to help.


The most exciting part of the University is that there is such a wide variety of people here. In my first day here, I met people from all over the world. With such a wide variety of people, it means that you can be yourself and not have to worry you are the only person with your views. There are also many people different from you which helps broaden your views and learn about different cultures and views of life.


I have a wide gamut of classmates; I have classmates who try hard not to try (those are the ones who don't show up to class until test day), I have classmates who sit in the same front-row seat every day and interact actively with the professor, and I have classmates who posses some qualities of each side of the spectrum.