Iowa State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Excellent acadmics and student life




Engeneering and agriculture


Best known for engineering (and other technology majors) with a very large and well-known career fair each semester.


Iowa State has a repuation of having students that are hardworking. Whether the students have that hard-working attitude prior to coming to Iowa State is irrelevant because the students leave the University with an attitude ready for the work force. Many come in already ready to buckle down and be successful, but the few that don't learn quickly what it takes to be a successful Cyclone.


Iowa State is known mostly for it's engineering program, it's agriculture program, and VEISHA.


Iowa State is best known for our amazing Engineering program and our up-and-coming Business and Design programs.


From the outside, Iowa State is best known for being an agricultural school. It is a place where many farmers come from to further their knowledge. From the inside, however, students would consider this school to be an outstanding place, where they will not only further their knowledge, but also develop and grow as a person and a student. It is where they will create some of their best times and meet friends that they know will last a lifetime. There is much to love about Iowa State and that is what every student does--love it.


Iowa State University is best known for it's research, engineering, and science. I have friends that are constantly asking me to be apart of their survery for a research project. Engineering and Science, though, are the two main and highest percentage of students with those majors. There are over 200 majors to choose from, and the different types of engineering and sciences make up the majority. Overall, Iowa State University is best known for exceeding well in all of their departments. Why? Because I believe that each teacher here helps the students grow into who they want to become.


Iowa State is a great place to be if you want to do something in Engineering, Math, Agriculture or Science. It also has a large education program and a great business school.