Iowa State University Top Questions

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This school is extremely community focused in both the dorms and around campus. The other schools I considered were not nearly as social and did not seem to be as student oriented.


The school and entire town of Ames is extremely friendly. Staff do all they can to see students succeed and are always willing to go above and beyond to help students. There is a lot of diversity on campus of both students and professors which allows for many different points of view and learning opportunities.


good education for affordable price


It was incredibly affordable for an out of state school. It was larger, public, and had a multitude of majors that I was considering.


There seems to be a good school-social life balance. Iowa State offered somewhat strong academics in addition to amusing, diverse activities.


Alot of diversity


It just felt right; Iowa State just gives me the feeling that it is home, even though there are over 30,000 students


Iowa State offers one of the best educations around with top notch engineering, agriculture, science, design...ect. We have a large campus size built in a small city giving ISU the closeness of a small school but with much larger opportunities.


I feel like Iowa State's reputation was the biggest reason I chose to attend Iowa State. I knew I would be attending a college that was well respected in the academic community. I also chose Iowa State because I knew exactly what I would need to do to graduate and get a job in four years. My advisor talked to me and showed me what I would be able to do with my major and gave me goals to try to meet.


Iowa State has the most opportunities of the schools I considered. Many programs have a requirement to do some kind of internship which will only help getting placed into a job after graduation. They focus are getting you as much experience as you need before you leave.


What is unique about my school is the campus atmoshpere, and the variety of interests and clubs you can find on campus.


At Iowa State University there is a strong Greek system. Being a part of the Greek Community teaches us leadership, responsibility as well as providing us with social training on how to act when it comes time for job interviews, professional school interviews and so on.


Most of the professors have worked in their field so they have first hand knowledge fro the workplace. This helps you understand the environment of the workplace and they can help advise you about your future career.


I didn't compare many schools to Iowa State University. It was more of a matter of proximity. I am from Des Moines, IA and wanted to stay nearby. Grand View University and Drake University were too expensive and didn't allow me to create a plan to getting into an industrial design program, and Iowa State University just established their industrial design program a few years ago.


Iowa State has a huge varitey of activties and majors. There is always something to do on campus and many clubs to fit anyone's interests. The diverstiy does not stop there, people from all over the world come to study at Iowa State. All of these factors contribute to the uniqueness of Iowa State that is hard to find elsewhere.


One thing that is unique about Iowa State University is the 'homey' feeling. Out of all of the other school I visited, Iowa State University felt the most like home. I loved the atmosphere of the college, and it is a beautiful campus. Even though I am more than three hours away from home, I still feel like I made the right decision by coming to school here.


It's a beautiful campus in one central location. There are thousands of clubs, activities, intramurals, etc. to get involved in that you'll never have a boring life as a college student and there's literally something for everyone! Iowa State makes you feel right at home and is sort of like a small community within a big town.


Each physical aspect of Iowa State is beautiful. The campus is tightly knit, yet spacial simultaniously. The campus' appeal is unmatched. Even the buildings offer a unique take on modern and historical architecture. Some buildings, especially those near central campus, reflect Iowa State more than 50 years ago, while others like Troxel Hall show what Iowa State is to become. I've yet to see another campus offer such eye candy.


The scenery, resources, and most of the people are very friendly.


Iowa State is unique because the agricultue program is one of the best in the country. Other programs are starting to catch up to programs quality of other schools around the area as well. Iowa State just this year passed Iowa as the highest number of students attending the college.


I believe Iowa State is unique because of it's campus. It is a beautiful campus with lots of grass and trees. Other schools I visited were mainly concrete.


Iowa State is a big school but when walking around campus it doesnt feel like 30,000 kids attend. The campus is beautiful and everything is close together on making walking to class a painless process. Also, everyone here at school is very nice and is always looking to help a fellow student out.


I chose Iowa State because it was in the Midwest and it has a strong Agriculture Department. The Animal Ecology program set it apart from all the other schools. It allows me to get a triple major in Animal Ecology, Biology and Secondary Education which will help me get a job in the field before I start teaching.


This is the only school i considered.


Good Engineering and Architecture programs (the two programs I was considering).


Iowa State University is well known for their beautiful campus. Everyone is considered to be really friendly and opened to new students. It consists of many diverse clubs and organizations that students are able to do.


The number of opportunities for expanding your knowledge of various subjects is larger than other schools I looked at. There are also a lot of campus events where you can meet new people and try new things.


As I stated earlier in the survey, Iowa State University was not my number one choice. In fact, I was accepted at every school I applied to and was planning on attending a different university. However, Iowa State contacted me and worked with me throughout my decision-making process and ended up offering me a research internship in my area of study as a freshman, should I attend. The fact that they showed so much interest and concern for my education is what convinced me to attend this school over the other, more uninvolved schools.


The sense of community at Iowa State was something that attracted me compared to other schools I considered. When I first visited, the guides were extremely helpful and energetic. They made me feel as though I was already part of their establishment which I truly enjoyed.


Iowa State is quite welcoming to the variety of people who attend college. There is an abundance of clubs and groups so no one ever feels left out. My advice: Try something new. Reach out. Explore. College is a time to grow, it is a time of freedom. Of course, always stay focused on your studies but make sure to know who you are and what your desire are. Become your own person. That is the greatest achievement.


My school is unique for its many opportunities. With hundreds of clubs there are many ways to get involved and get to know different people on campus. Besides that, there are many ways that the university can help you travel. Whether its trying out a new state through the in-state exchange program or getting to see a whole new country by studying abroad there is somewhere for every student to go and experience. Not only are these programs available, but they are also well-used due to the encouragement and suupport of the ISU faculty.


It has a small campus feeling but is still a very big campus. Also it has a great engineering program.


Iowa State University allows students to become part of something more than they ever could have expected whether it's on a sport team, in a sorority or fraternity, or in one of its hundreds of clubs and immediately feel like they're involved and fit in.


What is unique about my school compared to others I considered is that the campus is beyond beautiful whether it is covered in snow during the winter or green and colorful during the spring and summer.


Even though it is a world-renown university, it has relatively small class sizes and very strong academic help services. Iowa State has very strong engineering and agricultural programs, and can suit the needs of any student academically and socially.


Good programs and in some departments, they have proffessors as advisors which is nice.


Iowa State University is a D1 college which means over 30,000 students attend the university, but it never feels that big. I can always find someone I know walking on campus, and everyone is very respectful of each other. The students all help do their part in keeping campus clean, beautiful, and fun.


We are very environmentally friendly, the computer was invented here, it's big enough that it is a change of pace but small enough that you'll see people again, and people are very friendly.


The school that I am going to has so many fun activities to do. There is always someting going on on campus whether it is a concert on central campus or a footbal game in Jack Trice staduim. There is also a feeling of knowing everyone wh you live with and feeling welcome in the town.


I only considered Iowa State, but of others I sort of looked at, it is well priced, a great school, national acheivments, good sized, and all around quality.


Iowa State University is the perfect size campus, it feels large but you run into people you know everyday - it's big but not too big.


The opportunities to further your education. Iowa State University has an amazing history full of research and creating people who go out to do great things. Iowa State has some of the best colleges. The Engineering college is great, as is the College of Agriculture and College of Business. Iowa State also has the best Army ROTC program in the nation. It is a top notch school for top notch people.


This school wasn't the biggest, but it was definitely not the smallest, a perfect size for me. It is one of the top schools in the Midwest for Event Management, which is my major. My family really likes this school and all encouraged me to go here. It is the perfect distance away from home and I had only heard good things prior to attending Iowa State University,


For being a university in the middle of nowhere in Iowa, there is an extreme amount of potential at this university. New things are always being discovered everyday and everyone is extremely friendly.


It has a well known department of Agriculture.


My school is a large university in a small town so it has a unique atmosphere! It is very diverse and offers a lot of choices on everything. Food on campus is delicious and you get many options. There is a wide range of classes and programs so almost any person coud find somewhere to fit in on campus of they try!


Iowa State University is unique from other schools in that its campus beauty is incompatible with any of the others. Yeah, there is a large focus on science and math and research, but what really hooked me was how aesthetically pleasing the campus was and still is. There isn't an area of ISU that doesn't have at least one large tree, which both softens and amplifies the architectural beauty. And, with all the sculptures, walking across campus is like walking through a museum.


The campus is gorgeous and the school has so many organizations and clubs to join. There are many ways to get actively involved at Iowa State. The student body is very diverse, so you're always meeting new people with new backgrounds. The campus is very safe and welcoming and it's a great place to be.


The campus itself is very large and beautiful, but it still feels like a small town. All the dorms and halls are close together making commuting easy, and the busing system is one of the best I've seen! And its free for all students. Iowa State also has a great engineering program, that helps it stand out from the pack. The university is actually about done constructing a new agricultural engineering building on campus, and continues to add to its facilites every year.


The unique thing about the university I attend is that the campus was awarded Most Beautiful Campus of 2012, and second Most Physically Fit of 2012. I take pride in this because Iowa State is extremely Eco-Friendly. Also, a fun fact, Iowa State has every breed of tree in the whole state - on campus. Isn't that amazing? GO CYCLONES. Another unique accomplishment about Iowa State is that the greek philanthropy hosts a even called Dance Marathon. All the funds go towards Children's Miracle Netword Hospitals!