Iowa State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Iowa State University?


Iowa State University has hundreds of majors and minors to choose from. They have majors in engineering, medicine, business, art, and many others it would be hard to find what they do not have. In the engineering major, there is every type of engineer there is they offer. Such as aerospace, materials, mechanical, chemical, construction, and a lot more where you will find what you are looking for in this university. In medicine they have biochemistry, animal ecology, zoology, biology, and so many other medicine majors that will help the world. If students are looking for professional schools then Iowa State has programs that help students for those professional schools. Programs such as dentistry, optometry, law, podiatry, and other programs to help students pursue their goals in whatever they set for themselves. They also have professors that will help out with whatever you need. The professors are there to help their students because they want to see their students succeed as well. Iowa State has a great academic program where anyone can become successful.


Most of the professors do not know my name. My favorite class is math. Least favorite class is English. Students are not competitive. My major is mechanical engineering. Career fire is an amazing organization to help students find a job.


Introductory classes are definitely typical of large universities. They can have to 300+ students, which can be overwhelming at first. A great way to get involved with small groups and have smaller class sizes is to join the Honors Program. Through the Honors Program there are many more small seminars available and you can take some classes in Honors, which are typically smaller. The English program also has very small class sizes, even in intro classes such as Engl 150 or 250.


I think the academics are great. Most of my professors know my name. Most of the professors are experts in the topics you teach. The education really makes you competitive in whatever field you want to go into.


Academically I do feel as though my teachers are trying to challenge me, however I also feel as though the larger lectures don't necessarily allow me to thoroughly learn the material. It's a little impersonal with instructors in those large classes unless you personally make an effort to get to know the teacher. As your classes become more focused, this does begin to change, especially in the 300 and 400 level classes.


The academics are good. Sometimes it's seems the teachers get too wrapped up in their research to focus a lot on teaching, but other than that it's great.


Yes, this is a technical focused university. Yes we have a lot of students who are all competing for the same thing: top grades and amazing employment opportunities. While classes can tend to be pretty big (I have been in some with over 200 students), professors make themselves available to students. How well you get to know a professors depends on each student individually. As far as classes go, I can't say that I have a favorite one. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 1/2 years here at Iowa State University (ISU) and I am sure that this will remain true until my graduation. There have been of course classes that I cannot wait to get done with, but as a Pre-Vet major this is expected. Classes here are tough and professors seek to challenge students and make them THINK. As students progress in their college carreer they will find that grades do matter and being smart is actually a good thing. As a student in the Natural Resource and Ecology Management (NREM) department I have been able to meet most of my professors and actually get to know them. I had the opportunity of traveling to Costa Rica with two professors, and this was a great way to not only meet students who are likeminded, but also make a good impression of myself as a student and potential employee.


Professors and great and very helpful, I know not everyone agrees with this statement but it is all about building those relationships with your professors during the first week of classes. I always make sure to introduce myself and sit in the front row of the class or auditorium in order for them to know who I am and to make me not feel intimidated to ask questions when I have them. Not only do we have a great science, engineering, and math department here but also our Education department is great! The classes are fun and interactive, and all the real world experiences we get are magnificent.


Iowa State has one of the largest Colleges of Engineering in the country, but my engineering classes aren't too large, and my professors have always made the effort to get to know their students. That isn't the case in some of the lower-level classes like general chemistry, physics, etc, but big lectures really aren't that big a deal as long as you are responsible enough to go to class and do your homework. There are all different kinds of available, but no one is going to be looking over r shoulder all day to make sure you went to class, you have to do that yourself.


Courses are reasonable and offer a balance of coursework and practical experiences. Class participation is desired and common, students are competitive but supportive of one another, and the people are humble and open-minded to others' perspectives and current research. Just like any other college or university, you get out of the program what you put in. Students who party do not reap the benefits the school has to offer. If you try and take the courses seriously, you will succeed.