Iowa State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Football and basketball.


The biggest club at ISU is Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a great introductory club because it doesn't require tons of time, you just have to fundraise money and then spend 15 hours dancing with great people. Other clubs are often pre-professional or major related, such as Pre-Vet club. Intramural and club sports are also very popular, and the tournament t-shirts are coveted prizes at the end of the season. There are so many clubs at Iowa State, it's hard not to be involved.


The most popular things on campus are definitely philanthropic in nature. Dance marathon is very big as is relay for life. Homecoming and Veishea are also very big events each year


Some really popular activities are Dance Marathon, the Greek community and attending sporting events. A large percentage of students at Iowa State are in a Greek house and it has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I have had here. Dance Marathon is the largest student-run philanthropy on campus and that also has a large following. This will be my second year participating and I love it more and more each day. Sporting events are also a hugely populated activity, especially the football games. It's a great way to get to know people and have a lot of fun.


The most popular student group would have to be the Greek System. A lot of people belong to it and they a well-knit community that gets a lot done for the school and community.


Athletes get all the attention here at ISU. Tons of ISU money goes to these programs in order to showcase the talent of many individuals on this campus. Second would be traditional greeks, although their money comes from fundraising events, there is a high population of students who are greeks and who always hold events to not only bring awareness about their sorority/fraternity on campus but to also help out the community.


Iowa State has tons to do on the weekends. I usually make lists of all the things going on on the weekends that sounds fun, and then I have to pick because I can't go to them all. there are dances, plays, competitions, parties, sporting events, concerts, speakers. Like I said in the overview, there are so many things going on that sometimes you can get a little lost in it all. I lived in the dorms for three years, and it was great. I knew most of the guys on my floor, and everyone left their doors open when they were around. We were an all male floor, so we competed with the other guys' floors to woo an all-female floor to be our "sister floor" and had events with them all year. I met my best friends through the marching band, which is the second best decision I ever made in my life (after coming to ISU)


I met my closest friends through other friends, classes, and work. VEISHEA is a great event that happens each year. Depends what kind of person you are. If you wanted you could find a party every night, but if you don't want to party you don't have to. A lot of people go to the bars which are right off campus. Sorority houses and fraternities aren't super important. You don't have to be a part of one to be cool or anything like that. Last weekend i went out one night and the other i stayed in. You can go to movies go for a walk or hang out or go out to eat--those don't involve drinking.


The dorms were awesome. I only lived in them for a year, but our floor in Willow Hall got along so well; most everyone kept their doors open & most everyone got along. The people that I lived with for the next three years who were my best friends in college were people I met on my dorm floor. Keep an open mind, freshman year is so much fun if you're just willing to meet people and try new things.


Iowa State's different clubs and groups as well as the college itself hold many different events. I enjoyed going to many different concerts this past year. I also enjoyed other activities from swing dancing to lectures by famous authors. And of course at Iowa State there is the world renowned VEISHA, which is always a treat.