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What is the stereotype of students at Iowa State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


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Students who live in Willow are party goers, and students in Maple are bookworms, students in Larch hall are somewhere in between.


We are seen as the second Iowa school, the kids who are Hawkeye fans but don't actually go to the University of Iowa. People think we're all farmers, which isn't true, but there are a LOT of students with agriculture majors.


I would say that the main stereotype of students at Iowa State would be if they are in the Greek system or not. Iowa State has a great Greek system, so there are many students that are in houses. This can lead to many people who have not joined houses to think that the typical "frat guy" or "sorority girl" stereotypes are true. Being in a sorority, I can tell you that nearly all of those stereotypes are true. Yes, we do get dressed up for weekly chapter meetings and we do have socials with the fraternities, but there is so much more to Greek life than those things.


students study really hard on week days, and they also will party hard on Friday nights and Saturdays


The two biggest stereotypes at Iowa State are "the Ag major" and the sorority girls/frat boys. I think that these two stereotypes are actually very reflective of the atmosphere at Iowa State. The school has a great Agriculture and Life Sciences college, and this attracts many students from rural areas, but the don't dominate the school. There are still plenty of people that come from large towns and cities, especially Chicago. Another stereotype is the sorority girls/frat boys. While the Greek community is pretty big and somewhat exclusive, everyone is welcome at the frat parties and anyone can be friends with the sorority girls, whether you are in the Greek system or not. These stereotypes help to define Iowa State's students, but they are not exclusive definitions. There is still plenty of diversity at Iowa State.


The stereotype is that everyone here grew up on a farm. The stereotypes are wrong. Most people here did not come from that background, but there are those that do


Many people believe that Iowa State has a lot of farmers or hicks. Although there are quite a few, I wouldn't say it is an overwhelming feature. There are about 30,000 people on campus so anybody can find the right place for them.


I'd have to say the main stereotype is that we are only a good school for engineers. Although Iowa State is an excellent engineering school, many other academic areas excel.


Like any other university, Iowa State University (ISU) holds many stereotypes - some which are true, but not all. For example, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Iowa? Corn. Lots of it. So of course, many of the students that attend this institution are in fact farm kids who grew up in families that grow and distribute corn. But, are all students at ISU farmers? Not at all! There are students from across the United States here, as well as from abroad. Take me for example. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to ISU to study. Another common stereotype is Greeks. Yes, the Greek life here is easily felt, but Greek students have many sides and go to the same classes as everyone else. As far as geeks, well what can I say? It is a technical university. That doesn't mean that students don't go out. I think most of us here do our best to keep up with both school and our social life. We're all just typical students going to college!