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What is your overall opinion of Iowa State University?

Is Iowa State University a good school?

What is Iowa State University known for?


Iowa State University is a great school for engineers, medical students, and many other majors people want to pursue. The campus is big enough to fit around 30,000 students, has clean residence halls, also has public transportation to get students where ever they need to go. The school has safety protocols they follow to make sure every student feels safe and have modern means of communicating with whole student body by sending out mass texts and alerts to everyone on campus in the event of an emergency. The university is located in Ames, IA where there are planes and it is a quite place for a university. The university has multiple options for dining and have ways to eat such as buffets and fast food places. Overall Iowa State is a great school for someone who is looking for a quite place where they can fell safe and get a quality education.


friendly, honest,but most of students do not study hard


Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming. If I could, I would change how windy the weather can get. I love the size just the way it is. Sometimes people confuse Iowa State with the University of Iowa. Most people just don't really know anything about Iowa State. On campus, I spend my time at the Hub which is a small sandwich shop with a Caribou coffee attached to it, but I live in my sorority house and I usually hang around there or at my boyfriend's fraternity house. Ames is mostly a college town and within the university we have an area we call Campus Town. I think it is very easy to get into this school; there is no requirement to write an essay. There is a lot of Cyclone pride during sports games but most of the time people are Hawkeye fans.


I love Iowa State because it is just all-around a fabulous school. We have a great campus, a huge variation of classes and majors, and awesome school spirit! Our sporting events are always fun and will definitely be experiences that you will always remember. My favorite memory of college so far would be just walking across campus to my classes because we have such a beautiful campus.


One of the best things about Iowa State is the school spirit. Most of the sports teams are not the best, but they are all improving. Even when we're losing a football game by 3 touchdowns the crowd manages to stay enthusiastic, and sometimes our teams to pull off amazing wins (like the Oklahoma State game in 2011)! The traditions, like the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry, pull the entire school together. Campus town, while small, is the main site of partying after games. The only complaint I have is that campus town is to small and seems to be very separate from downtown Ames. The school and the town seem separate, even though the entire school sometimes acts as one.


I absolutely love my school. The best thing is how helpful all the faculty are. They want you to do well. The one thing I would change is have more section so everyone is able to have the classes they need. I think the school is just right in size for me.


I have really grown to love Iowa State. At first I wasn't really sure about going here but ultimately I think it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The Greek community is so supportive and I have found friends and opportunities here that I don't think I would have gotten at a smaller private school.


I absolutely love this school. The campus is beautiful and the people are incredibly nice and receptive. It's a wonderful place to learn and grow.


What's one thing all Iowa State University (ISU) students have in common? School pride. Be it off campus or even after losing a game, once a cyclone always a cyclone. The school ties that bond students together here at ISU is probably one of my favorite things. This is best felt during VEISHEA, ISU's celebration of the original colleges and traditions that are still held today. Not to mention, the beautiful campus. Before attending ISU I visited many schools in this is hands down the best campus. Yeah, it is pretty big - but that's just all the more space to grow into and meet more people in. I guess Iowa may not be the ideal location for most incoming Freshmen, I know this was true for me. Coming from the Caribbean, people to this day still wonder "Why Iowa?". My answer is quite simple: academics and an active student life. ISU not only has a great variety of clubs, but also a cozy college town which is not too big, but not too small. ISU is all about balancing things. The staff here is another reason for which ISU has been such a great experience for me. Most of them being from small towns (if not Iowa) they are kind and helpful, and no question is dumb. I'll always remember how coming here for the first time seemed so daunting, but with such friendly staff and employees I quickly adapted and learned how to get around by myself. I can't say that we have many controversies in Iowa, but it is a university like any other - and sometimes kids do get a little crazy.


I not only love the College of Human Science on this campus but I also love the campus as a whole. Our campus is ranked at the top when it comes to the beauty of our campus. We have so much color on our campus year round, from white beautiful snow in the winter, to lively orange, yellow, and red trees in the fall, and beautiful cardinal red and gold flowers in the spring. I also love the staff here at ISU, everyone always has a smile on their face and is willing to help you out in any way that they can. I love ISU's traditions as well, from kissing at midnight under the Campinille, to plunging in Lake Lavern in Freezing weather during Greek Week.