Iowa State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Iowa State University?


Engineers looking for highly focused and specialized subjects matters in engineering.


A person who wants to work hard and achive.


Iowa State University is for friendly, hard working students. It has a major, club, or social activity for any kind of person. From intramural football to LARPing to chess clubs there really is something for every kind of person.


Anyone should attend Iowa State! This school is so diverse, and very accepting of everyone that attends. As long as you are prepared to study hard for the classes, there is nothing you can't do. It's super easy to meet new friends, and there are so many activities that you can easily find a new and exciting club to join! Don't forget that Iowa State Universtiy is also for studying, so there are study sessions and group meetings to help when a test is coming. If you are able to do all this, you should attend.


An academically driven student should attend this school. Iowa State has high standards; the classes require a lot of time and effort.


Students looking for an adventure. Iowa State has so much to offer in terms of both academics and extra curriculars. There are many dance clubs from Bollywood Styles to Argentine Tango offered as well as multicultural organizations like the Malaysian or Turkish Student Association. We have a Belegarth foam sword fighting club as well as fencing and kendo teams. There is something for everyone to try out and so many new people to meet.


Iowa State University is a good school for anyone looking for a top-notch education from an institution with strong ties to the community.


Someone who can add to the positivity that is Iowa State University.


Anyone can attend and should attend Iowa State. Every backround, religion, race or culture can attend Iowa State.


ISU students are known for their hard-working attitude. It might seem obvious, but the person who works the hardest goes the furthest. It is important to hit the books hard and study. GPA isn't the only thing that is important though. There is a saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know that's important." Although that saying isn't neccesarily true, there is truth to it. It is very important to have connections. That is why you get involved! Join something: clubs, intramurals. Do something social. All in all, study hard and get involved.