Iowa State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kinds of people who should not attend ISU are the ones who don't appreciate diversity, they don't enjoy being active on campus, and they aren't driven or motivated as people.


Someone interested in a social life more than an education


A party maniac should not attend here and no one from the top of their class should attend here.


There isn't a sepcific type of person that should be prohibited fro going to Iowa State, but there are goals at Iowa, and if someone isn't prepared to work hard to reach those goals Iowa State University is not for them. Because it is a college studying hard, and doing the homework is very important for success. If you aren't willing to do the required homework, and study for upcoming tests then Iowa State University is not for you, and you shouldn't attend.


If you're just interested in coasting and partying, this probably isn't the right school for you.


I think Iowa State does a good job at making sure every student has a place to fit in, so I would not know exactly what type of person should not attend. Maybe a student who is not academically motivated.


This school is for everyone, noone will look down at you for being different.


If you want the big city feel I wouldn't recommend Iowa State.


I would advise individuals whose goals are to simply "get a degree" to stay far, far away from Iowa State University. The enthusiasm of the faculty and fellow students will likely annoy, and the expectations of the professors that each student should be completely invested and curious about his respective major are not superficial. It is for the best interest of the student that if he isn't thrilled with his academic pursuit, he's in for a looong, exhausting (and exhaustive!) four years.


A middle class student because although you're in the middle, financial aid will see you as a wealthy student and will not give you much help.


This school is very focused on connecting with other people. The university and the students have made it a point to allow for communities to be built. People who prefer to keep to themselves at all times outside of class may not be the best fit for this university. They may find the amount of people on campus and the, at times, over friendliness to be too much.


I believe that anyone, no matter what major would love Iowa State university. I would recommend it to anyone. So to answer the question, there isn't any kind of person who shouldn't attend ISU.


Someone who is not willing to work hard for something.


People who are only coming to school because they think it is going to be fun and they are going to party all of the time should not attend this school. You can still attend the parties by not being an ISU student.




Anyone who is looking for an easy way out. You need to do you work and you need to do it to the best of your ability.


If you don't like the feel of a small town, and perfer the big city life, I would reccomend not coming here. Also if you are not fond of the cold, harsh, winter seasons.


There's not many kinds of people who wouldn't fit in at Iowa State. ISU offers a wide range of degrees that you could go there for anything, even Pre-Med. Iowa State doesn't offer and Graduate programs for Medical students, which may hinder some students decisions to attend Iowa State. People who do not like extreme cold and varying temperate weather in spring time.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person who is not ready to take on the responsibility of being on your own at a university, this university allows for students to make their own choices as far as classes, social aspects, etc. and a person who is not ready to make these choices at least smartly will not do well at this university.


You shouldn't attend this school or any school that a non-community college type of school if you are undecided on the major and educational track that you are trying to pursue.


This school has over 30,000 people attending it. Some times it doesn't seem that way, but if you are a person who does not like large groups of people, I would suggest looking into private colleges, which seem to have smaller class sizes.


If I were to describe someone that shoudn't attend ISU I would say someone that doesn't want to put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} towards their school work. This university some of the best students and it's not for people that are just here to party and enjoy their stay. You have to be willing to put in the hours and effort so that you can get things done on time and done the right way.


Somebody who doesn't like a lot of activity should not attend this school. There is always a lot going on and it can get pretty crazy sometimes, but that's what makes Iowa State University so much fun.


Serious acedemics, driven to achieve in their field of study or extra curricular activities.


Someone should not atten Iowa State University who does not want to work hard. Iowa State Univeristy is an insitution that requires hard work and deication so if one is not wiling to put forth that kind of effort then Iowa State University is probably not the best option for them.


A person who would not be interested in a large university should not attend Iowa State University. There are roughly 33,000 students enrolled at ISU.


A student that is not willing to go to class and complete weekly work should not attent Iowa State. Other than that anybody should be able to attend Iowa State if they are willing and capable of doing work and want to learn.


This is a silly question, and heres why: Iowa State's student body is composed of every type of person. Since my first day at Iowa State, I've been amazed at how different the students are. Everyone is welcome. Even the most selfish, introverted individuals eventually see the light thanks to the not-so-forced interaction in the dorms and/or apartments. I'm even friends with an extremely rude man, but he can't help but to be cheerful when ISU offers him something he enjoys like free ice cream or a dorm hall challenge.


I think anybody that is just at college to party should not be allowed. College is about learning for your future not skipping class to sleep. ALso just my opinion but if a older person say mid 30's is in my class as a freshman that is a bit ridiculous. The bigger four year university should make them have their under level courses already completed before they can come here.


I think someone that shouldn't attend this school is someone that isn't willing to work hard. It is a great school but you have to put in the time. Everyone else should attend! It is great, go cyclones!


Students who are unmotivated to earn their education should consider not attending Iowa State University and college in general. The professors here do a wonderful job of explaining the material, but there is effort on the students’ part to read the text required for the class in order to gain a full understanding of the class. Often problems require critical thinking and students should always try to solve these before relying on others to spoon feed them the answers.


People that should not come to Iowa State are people who need help staying on schedule and with a lack of motivation. The campus is decently big so there is nobody to hold your hand the whole way. Also people with no social skills at all should not come here otherwise I think everyone should be fine that way.


You shouldn't attend this school if you prefer small school because Iowa State can be a little overwhelming if you are used to smaller schools. Also if you aren't prepared to study a lot because at Iowa State we are academically pushed to do our best. If you are not focused on school Iowa State is not the school for you. I personally think that almost any person can go to Iowa State there is something for everyone. It is a very divere school with people from all over.


In order to not fit in at Iowa State University, a person would have to be extremely difficult to work with. Iowa State University offers so many different clubs, activities, study groups, and friendships that one would have a hard time not fitting in at this university. ISU has over 800 clubs to be involved in--from sports intramurals to dance groups to quiddicth club--there is definitely something for everybody.




Everyone should attend Iowa State University. It is an academic institution that offers a broad range of degrees as well as education catered towards students from all walks of life.


Iowa State University is such a diverse school that i don't think we have a typical student that SHOULDNT attend. I think that anyone who wants to grow as a person, and wants to strengthen not only their mind, but eveyrthing else about them is a good fit for Iowa State. So if someone doenst want to grow as a person, i think Iowa State is the wrong match.


One who has an extreme pessimist way of thinking with goals, academic, social life etc. , also someone who has a fixed mind growth. I also think someone who wraps themselves too much around the social aspect or someone who doesn't really have any social life beyond the classroom.


If you are a unmotivated, selfish and the type who doesn't like to be around people, I advise you not to come to ISU. ISU offers so much, and if you aren't planning to take advantage of the beautiful campus full of passionate and thriving young people and proffesors who desrve full respect, then let someone who will love it take your spot. I can't begin to say how well I fit into ISU and if you have doubts you can atleast try it out, but don't waist your time if it's not for you.


Someone who does not want to better themselves in life should not attend Iowa State University. ISU is a place were learning and future-building takes place, often by one's own hand.


People who don't want to be a part of something. Iowa State is very teamwork focused, and it helps to build team members and teach you to work with others in a similar field of studies. It's not a place for people who always want to be alone.


Anyone, from any walk of life.


Iowa State can be for anyone but just like all schools you need to be determined to finnish.


I dont believe any person should not attend Iowa State. This school and beautiful and is well rounded in most majors. Even if you are undecided on what you would like to do with you life, Iowa State is a great place to start. They have a great advising staff that will help you discover what you would like to do with your life. Enjoy your adventure at Iowa State.


Iowa State is actually pretty diverse so every type of student is welcome. I would were to pick a type of student who wouldn't succeed, it would be a person who is very lazy or is too shy to take advantage of what the school has to offer.


I believe anyone could attend Iowa State University if they are willing to put forth effort needed to accomplish their goals. To get the most out of going to Iowa State University, people should get as involved as they can.


I believe that Iowa State is accepting of all people, so anyone should come to Iowa State.


Someone who likes to who hide out in thier room. ISU is a very social campus.


Iowa State University is not for individuals who do not learn well in large classrooms. It is also not for those who lack the ability to be self-driven and motivated. Professors expect you to be committed to schoolwork and will not walk students through material during class. If extra help is needed, though, most professors are very willing to help during their office hours.


Someone who doesn't want to participate in the various activites found on campus. This is a very involved school and a loner individual would feel out of place here.