Iowa State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


A more in depth look at offered classes and strength of the programs.


That no high school relationship can withstand long distance if you go to colleges more than an hour apart. I made the mistake of staying with my high school girlfriend and we were two hours apart - it got ugly when I found out she had cheated on me multiple times just in the first few months while being at school. I'm really trying to say that it isn't likely that the person you want to end up with for the rest of your life went to your high school. Don't be afraid to get a fresh start.


I wish I knew where everything was located. I was completely lost the first two weeks, as to where I was even at.


Before I came to Iowa State University, I wish someone would have told me that college is nothing like high school. With all the new freedoms, you cannot abuse them; you have to quickly adjust and keep up with your academics otherwise you will fall behind fairly quickly. Once you have fallen behind, it is almost impossible to catch up with all your classwork.


I wish I knew just how fast paced college courses, especially engineering courses, really are. There is no slowing down, because the material needs to be covered and is crucial to continuing on course within your desired major.


I had actually not visited Iowa State before my summer orientation as a new student. The only thing I wish I knew beforehand was what I wanted to do with my time at Iowa State more fully -- with every class I take, I learn how much more I want to know and how much more I want to be involved with on campus. I guess, ultimately, I wish I could have foreseen the balancing act I'd have between school and extracurriculars.


Nothing, it was what I had expected.


One thing I wish I would have done is a campus visit before coming to this school. For myself financially, this was the only school I could attend that had a great program for what I wanted to major in. However the small city of Ames takes a little getting used to when you're more of a "city" girl. It is a very small town, so for all schools that any student applies for, I think it would be worth it to visit the campus and make sure you would be happy living there.


I wish I knew about all the different activities and clubs that exist on campus. There are so many things you can do around campus like fitness classes and sports teams, art and music clubs, as well as club for pretty much every major that exsists on campus. There are also a lot of activities going on such as talent shows, job fairs, movie nights and such.


I wish I would have known how to organize my schedule more properly as to not feel overwhelmed by the different thing going on between classes and campus life.