Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small school setting.


Iowa Wesleyan College has two or so strong departments (Music and Nursing) where students can do great things, but most of the other students believe it is too small and choose to drink as often as possible.


very quiet and calm. this school offers a wide range of diversity with students from more than 40 countries. includes many extra curricular activites and on campus activities to get involved in. Iowa Wesleyan college is a small friendly community.


Big enough to be culturally diverse, yet small enough to care for each student individually.


IWC is a small, private college in iowa, where you recieve a more one on one education.


Iowa Wesleyan College is a very diverse college with not only the students but the faculty as well, it establishes great work ethic and enforces learning the importance of volunteering and giving back to your community.


Striving for individual sucess.


Iowa Wesleyan is supportive and flexible; perfect for a non-traditional student.




Iowa Wesleyan College is a private, Liberal Arts, Methodist affiliated, 4 year school which values its students and their own unique identity and strives to push its students to be successful in the classroom, as well as preparing them for the real world through internship and service learning experiences.


Small community centered liberal arts college, that prides itself bringing out the best in every individual on campus and in the surrounding community.


Iowa Wesleyan can best be described as a muti-cultural environment mainly occupied by students on an athletic or art scholarships. The campus is primarily international students from around the world making our campus one of the most cultural oriented campuses in Iowa. Being on an athletic scholarship myself makes it a welcoming environment to know that the teachers are there to help you and are understanding when it comes to making up class abstances due to sports. The one-on-one attention provided by teachers creates a warm and helpful environment.


Small but very diverse and friendly.


My school is a great learning experience not only because of the academics, but also because of the diversity.