Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Iowa Wesleyan College is Sodexo. Sodexo is your meal plan , it is great that you can have unlimited food but it gets boring. We have the same food repeat over and over. You just need to be creative when you prepare your plate.


The worst thing about my school is the availability of parking for commuter students. I drive thirty miles to school and usually have to park off campus. I pay the same amount for my schooling as residential students yet, there are only twenty to thirty parking spaces available to commuter students. I find it upsetting that they reserve parking spots for residential students , but not for commuters. In reality, commuters need the parking because they are driving there everyday. I find it frustrating when I see residential students parking in the only spots available for commuters.


THe worst thing about Iowa Wesleyan College is the meal plans. If you live on campus you can't get a meal plan less than 12 meals a week. If you live in ST hall you have to have a 15meal/week meal plan. In the nursing program I don't use anywhere near that. The meal times are also very short. Hot breakfast is only served from 7:30am-8am. If you have an 8am class you have to rush. The campus is small so that helps a little.


The worst thing about IWC is the parking situation. The school is set up more for residential students.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of tution. With Iowa Wesleyan College being a private school, tution is much higher and at times I don't feel like I get my full learning potential from the school.


The worst thing about Iowa Wesleyan College is that the college has nothing around it to keep the students occupied when class hours are over. You just go to class, do your homework, and go to your dorm or a friends dorm until you're bored there as well. The only other thing that you could do is if you had a car and enough money for gas is go to Iowa City. This is the worst thing about Iowa Wesleyan College in my eyes.


That I can only miss 2 times, then my grade goes down without a doctors excuse. This is especially hard for me because I am a single mother of 3 small children and they get sick and it is hard to find a sitter for a sick child.


The worst part is that it's alot like high school. Everyone knows everyone and everyone is in everyone's business.


The lack of male students in my major, Nursing. I am the only male student in my class.


The worst thing at this school would be them taking the Phi Fi sorority away. My dream was being initiated in my Grandmother's pin . (She attended this school about sixty years ago.) We were both crushed that after my first semester at Iowa Wesleyan they closed the chapter.


Not all of the buildings on campus are new and up to date. It is a very old campus. However, they did recently add a new building where most of the classes are held. That building is very nice and has a lot of resources available to students.


Our food is very repetitive. Once you learn the schedule, then it doesn't seem to taste as good. However, our student government is working hard to change that. Our school does not have its own personal rec-center, but the president is considering adding it into his plan for the college. The dorms are not flashy like some of the bigger public schools, but they allow for you to be yourself. It takes a little extra work to make it a true home away from home, but you get to express yourself however you want to.


The worst thing about my current school is that it has lost a lot of it's luster that was associated with it in previous years. I am currently doing a project within the school in association with a few professors to help bring back the times when Iowa Wesleyan was considered one of the best schools in the country. It's a shame that a lot of current students don't understand the significance some of the schools alumni have had on the world; such as Belle Mansfield, James Van Allen and Peggy Whitson.


I would say the only negative component to Iowa Wesleyan College is time. There are so many activities to be involved in and so many professors that have endless knowledge to share with you.... it is quite difficult to master learning it all and enjoying all of the perks of campus.


The worst thing about my college, is the snow. When it snows here it makes it harder to walk on the sidewalks to get to class. Our maintenance shovel the sidewalks and salt them down, but it freezes over night, so in the morning while were walking to school they're slippery. It's possible for a student to slip and hurt themselves, which isn't good.


The worst thing about the school is probably either the food in the dining hall or the lack of communication between commuting students and student life.