Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about the financial situation. This school is expensive for what it is actually worth. It's a great place to meet friends and play sports considering it is a small private school but, my financial situation is the first thing i worry about everyday while i'm at this school. There are also not many activities at this school, the school spirit is very pathetic and non-exciting.


I wish I was aware of all the activies that were available on this campus. I hadn't realized that there are activities going on all the time. Some of the activities include movie night, bingo night, dances, and etc. Our student body is very active. I also wish I would have known that living on campus makes a difference. If you live on campus it is easier to make friends and participate in all the activities that the college offers.


There are many things that I wish I had known before I came to Iowa Wesleyan College. I however would of been happy with one and that is I wish I could of known that choosing a college is more difficult than everyone thinks. While in high school I knew I was going to college and pushed off serious searching until it was late. This mistake makes me realize that in choosing a college, you need to choose a college similar to yourself and that is what I wish I knew before I went to Iowa Wesleyan College.


How helpful and caring the entire staff at IWC are and wish I would have started a long time ago.


I wish I knew more about the rural kind of environment. I am from quite a large city and the town Iowa Wesleyan is in is home to approxiamately 10,000. I experienced a little bit of culture shock coming here, but the small town atmosphere and friendliness definitely made me feel welcome. Also I didn't know about the multiculturalism of the campus. It is said to be one of the most multicultural schools in Iowa and it is easy to see why. I love meeting students from around the world who share the different viewpoints openly and proudly.


I wish I would of known more about the school's traditions and what activities go on here. Right now there isn't too many events or activities being organized, but very soon, I hope to change that and get myself and my fellow students involved and bring back traditions and create new ones.


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