Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


They have a great extended learning program, which enables me to attend school in the evenings and online.


I love Iowa Wesleyan College because you are not just a "number" at this school. The faculty wants to ensure your success, educationally and beyond graduation. They have an office especially for career placement after graduation and the student inbox is utilized to let us know about new job opportunities as they become available.


The ability to take all my classes at night , allowing me to work during the day. This was untill my student teaching and that had to be done during the day. It was great the teachers were teachers with real experience in what they were teaching as most were teachers during the days, teaching about teaching in our classes at night. so real world experience. It also allowed me as a non-traditional student to work and support my family while getting a quality education.


The staff is nice and always willing to help in any way possible.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the size. It is small enough that you can get the help and attention you to in classes. It is also small enough that you can make a difference by joining in clubs and sports teams without having to compete for spots. However it is large enough that you feel like there are enough students to make you feel like you are on a diverse campus, with just the right amount of familiar faces and unfamilar faces.


The Finacial aid staff finds all possible ways to help you pay for school. This something most other colleges don't do.


The social life is the best thing about my school. I say so because in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, you will find that there is almost hardly anything to do on a regular basis but the people you meet here is fantastic. There are so many different personalities, cultures, and ethic backgrounds that me personally have never experienced before. And since the campus is not as big as a university with thousands of students, everyone knows everyone so you don't feel like an outsider or alone.


The best thing about my school is that it is small enough so that I am not distracted from my studies and can get around extremely easily, also, my professors are very accomodating and helpful.


One of the best things about this school is the small class sizes and the support of faculty. They are always willing to help you when needed, all you have to do is ask. Class sizes are typical under 25, the average is normally around 15. The only classes that are large are the ones that are required by all programs and they still hardly ever go over 30.


the best thing about iowa wesleyan college are the instructors and staff they really care about how we feel and about the students passing the course


The family oriented atmosphere. We are small enough to know everyone on campus in more ways than one and with this there is bond larger school could never know.


I enjoy the smallness of the campus. It's big enough for you to know your in college, but small enough so that the college life is not so over whelming. The campus being smaller is an easier way to stay focused. The classes aren't too packed that your a number to the professors, they know your names when you walk through the door; your not a number. You are able to make that adjustment from high school to a 4 year, then on to a University if you chose to.


The best thing about my school is the small town and small campus atmosphere; it gives students a greater sense of belonging. For one thing, unlike most big schools all of our professors are willing to help students and know us by our names not by some number system. I don?t know of one teacher on the campus of Iowa Wesleyan that isn?t willing to help a student when they ask. This makes college life easier for the students and builds the relationship of professors and students making college life more enjoyable.


A small, but caring school that gives each student an equal oppotunity to express themselves in their chosen major.