Irvine Valley College Top Questions

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I feel like my school has a very up to date internet interface. I hear friends complain about online classes or assignments all the time because their schools website isn't very well set up or supported while I've never had a single issue with my schools website. It always works, up to date, and extremely user friendly. The professors use it often to keep us updaed on class assignments and notes, it is an excellent tool.


That Irvine Valley college really cares about thier students. When i graduated from high school i was scard out of my mind about college. When i got to IVC the teachers and counselors sriously did and still do everything possible to make sure I and the other students do well in life. Seriously IVC is like having a very supportive family and learning with your best friend. Its great!


Irvine Valley College has many great Administration of Justice courses, and the professors have experience in the field. There are also many on-line courses offered, which is set up in an easy to maneuver and understand way on the web.


One thing I find unique is the quality of our professors. Many of them have taught at universities and switched because they preferred the smaller classrooms. They level that they expect from their students is preparing for the university workload that is ahead of me. I'm thankful to be in such a great school.

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