Irvine Valley College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I dislike the lack of financial aid available. The fafsa does a poor job of a family's EFC when it comes to this school, since there is an extremely high cost of living that is not taken into account.


There are often long lines for services such as financial aid, counseling, and payment at the student store. It takes a long time to receive help.


The worst thing at Irvine Valley College is perhaps petitioning into courses. However, this is a major problem with most of California's schools, that is why I am looking to transfer to a school in Virginia. At Irvine Valley School and many other public schools in California, students run into the problem of attempt to crash or get into a course that they need to graduate that is already full. My advice is not to wait to register for classes and know what classes you need for your major!


The worst thing about my school would most likely be the lack of community. The campus seems to be individual-based.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. The school's population has grown, while the parking has not.


The culture takes some getting used to. I come from a middle-lower class upbringing and Irvine is anything but that. A lot of the student body are privileged and there is a certain mindset that comes with that. A lot of good people but many are not familiar with the struggle of the human condition.


The majority of the professors I have experienced aren't motivated or enthusiastic about their profession or their students. I feel some of the students are really discouraging and unresponsive within the classrooms of the few exceptions at IVC. It's really difficult to remain engaged, but some professors are passionate and engaging.


The worst issue with going to school would have to be how costly it is becoming. With tuition increasesing it is hard for many students to stay encourage to attend. Along with tuition fees increasing there is the cost of books that is outrageous. Most classes require textbooks that cost more than the the class itself, even used textbooks.

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