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What is your overall opinion of this school?


When I was considering going here during my senior year of high school, I dreaded the idea. While everyone else was going off to big name colleges and making new friends, dorming, partying and getting the full "college experience", I was stuck at home, commuting to a college where I neither knew anybody or desired to know anybody- I thought everyone here would fit under the following categories: "didn't work hard enough in high school", "don't know what the hell they're doing", "drug addicts", and the list goes on. However, I quickly discovered that, if you figure your shit out early (find out where you want to transfer and make sure you get the classes you need to do that), and you're serious and focus on making good grades, it can actually be an enjoyable experience. And I've made a few good friends along the way in my classes- you can always find people with the same goals as you. Also, it feels like a second shot at getting into the top colleges. The colleges I got into during my senior year were not the ones I wanted ideally, and this is my chance to really make top grades, and also very important- figure out what I want to major in. Another tip: Get involved with the honors program. I also applied for financial aid and got my tuition fee waived! And I didn't even think I would get any... Try to do student government. You'll get priority registration (VERYYY HELPFUL during registration!!!) and being a commissioner doesn't take up too much time. One thing I'd change would definitely be the extracurricular programs. I understand that IVC is centered around academics, but there just isn't enough effort being put into student life/organizations. Oh, did I mention I'm saving $100,000 by waiting 2 years to transfer?

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