Irvine Valley College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is seeing how many Bentleys and Porsches are out in the student parking lots.


Everyone is so smart, I feel like the dumbest person in class. Realistically I am very smart, but so is everyone else here! It's positive and negative. It's great to be surrounded by others who want to be successful too and push me to be better, but it's also frustrating sometimes.


The most frustrating thing about Irvine Valley College is the parking situation. This is no surprise as most public schools in California are overcrowded, underfunded, and did not plan for such a large student population upon building the school. While Irvine Valley College is attempting to open up more dirt lots around its campus, parking definitely remains a serious issue, and unfortunately can cause a student to be very late for his or her classes. My advice is to get to school at least thirty minutes before your class to find a parking spot. Don't wait!


Since my college prides itself in being the best. Thats exactly what the teachers give, their very best. This is fustrating because that means most of the classses are way harder than if you were to go to another community college. But the knowledge you obtain is amazing [good thing]. Thats the only fustrating factor i can think of.


Out of state tuition. As a military brat, I moved to California from Florida. Seeing my classmates paying $20 a unit while I was forking over $120 was chipping away at my sanity for awhile, but now that I am a resident I am faring a bit better. It is still better than paying so much for the same general education requirements that four year university students are taking-my wallet thanks me.


I would have to say that it is slightly out of the way. I do not live very far from Irvine but without a car traveling around Orange County can be quite tideous. Also sometimes I need to stay after classes to study and this means I have to either postpone errands or arrive later than I'd like at home.


I think the most frustrating thing about Irvine Valley College is the amount of sessions provided to students to take for classes they need in order to transfer. I think if they had more teachers and more opportunities offeredto take the classes it would help.

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