Irvine Valley College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the school I attend is the diversity of people. This is because I get to interact with people who have different values and opinions from me. I find this exciting and interesting because it is a way of exploring other cultures and ethnicities. I am able to communicate freely with anybody on campus, and it very inspiring to do so.


The faculty is highly recommended for a community college. Most of the professors are fabulous.


Easily the ability to transfer to a UC with a competitive GPA. UCI is a shoe-in and most southern california schools are feasible.


There is a beautiful concept behind community colleges, and that's accessibility. IVC provides this and more, and I love that I get to meet people from(corny as it sounds) all walks of life. I've met businesswomen looking for a career change, grandfathers looking to fill the time, and students fresh out of high school and assuming the responsibilities of a job and school. There are no generalizations that can be made about a campus so diverse and yet so cohesive and proud.


I have studied at a university and I feel that for a community college I am receiving an equivalent if not better education. There is a much higher teacher-student ratio and we students are given so many resources that allow us to succeed in school.

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