Itawamba Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not settle! So many times in life students stop caring about grades and settle for mediocrity. There are definite consequences for these actions. Every day you wake up and think you do not want to attend class is another notch added to the "don't care" attitude. This attitude reflects who you are. Future employees notice this, future spouses notice this, and most importantly, you will begin to notice this. It is so hard to turn around when you are heading the wrong direction. So, start off right. Try hard, challenge yourself, and do something important with your life. Otherwise, you are just living, and that's not what life is about.


"Breathe. You have all the time in the world to do amazing things for others and for yourself, so stop beating yourself up. Stop focusing on what others are doing, and choose your own route of happiness. So what if you're the only person from your graduating class at ICC next year? You're loud, bubbly, and charismatic; people will like you! You'll make at least 50 new friends your first day of class, so stop fretting! Also, try to enjoy every moment of your Senior year a little more. On Homecoming night, dont be so frazzled. As you stand on the court in your great white dress, look at the people around you and just be thankful. Bask in it because the ceremony didn't last nearly as long as you hoped. Finally, do NOT participate in the senior prank. Yes, you will have a blast terrorizing the school with your classmates, but it really wasn't worth going to jail for. Breath, Katherine. Take a look around and realize that these hallways are only yours for a second compared to a lifetime. Oh, and you won the Superintendant Scholarship. :-)


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself a couple of things that I have learned during my first year of college. First of all, I would tell myself to enjoy my family and friends while they are available. In high school, I took my friends and family for granted, thinking that they would always be there. However, I drifted away from them during my first year at college, and I almost lost my stepdad and little sister in a horrific car crash. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without them, and I'm glad I realized just how precious they are. The second thing I would tell myself is that I should take time to slow down and enjoy life. In high school I was always so rushed and busy. I never took time to just sit down and think about how wonderful life was, and I became slightly pessimistic. I am so glad this changed when I got to college! I learned that, even through stress, life is beautiful, and it deserves to be savored and enjoyed to the fullest!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to rule out smaller schools or two year colleges. I would tell myself to look at what the campus has to offer that would help me succeed in my classes such as tutoring and writing centers. I would tell myself to consider basic needs like food and laundry if it would be easily accessed and of good quality. I would remind myself to look at internet and computer access and technology offered at the college. The last thing I would tell myself would be to check how secure and safe the campus is. If I considered these things as a senior it would have given me a direction and helped when considering different colleges. A bad college experience can be made from the small things like not being able to access a computer when it is critical to write a paper or being served a greasy, unhealthy meal. There are going to be many students on campus so competition for basic items should be a consideration. Then I would say don't give up no matter what, good luck.


I would tell myself to stay focused. Everything you do your senior year is critical. Not only are your grades critical, but the things you are involved it. The more good things one is involved in the better oppotunities become readily available. If i could go back in time to my senior year i would tell myself to start applying for scholarships immediately.


In high school, seniors are excited, nervous, and ready to move foward and take that next step in life. The freedom to do what ever you want at anytime when your off at college is a great feeling, but college life is more than partying, its the key to the rest of your life. Making the right decision, can help you stay focus on your career in the future. Enjoy yourself while your young, but also get the education you need, so you will never have to depend on anyone for anything, as long as you have that degree. As, long as you have that education to fall back on, everything will be in your favor.


I would tell myself to stop worrying so much. As a high school senior, I was so nervous about starting college. I spent too much time worrying about making new friends, fitting in, handling more difficult classes, accepting more responsibility, and paying for college. I was terrified of trying something new--something outside my safe little world--and, even worse, failing at it. Within my first week of college classes, I knew I had just wasted the past year of my life worrying for nothing. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by people who are so different from me but are still pursuing the same basic goals that I am. I have met so many amazing people along this journey--teachers, classmates, and friends--who have inspired me and changed my life for the better. I have learned a lot and grown as a person as a direct result of my experiences with these people. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stop worrying and assure that scared young woman that college is just the first step to bigger and better things in her life.


My advice to myself would be i would do everything a whole lot different from when i was in high school. i would hav better study habits and i would also be more attentive in class.


I would tell myself to go the college immediately upon graduation of high school. There are not any good paying jobs out there without an education. You need to wait on having a family until you are finished with college and have a good career established. I've seen the road ahead of you and it is not a pretty one. You will work hard for little money; you will barely put food on the table for yourself and your children. You will one day become a displaced worker and go to college and have an even harder time making ends meet. I know, unemployment doesn't pay enough to keep anyone alive. So, take this opportunity and go to college now and change your outlook for the future because your future depends on it!