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What should every freshman at ITT Educational Services Inc-System Office know before they start?


I would let me know to not be in such a hurry. By getting that first job and place to live, I could get. That what I'm experiencing now can never be replaced. To study alot harder and finish high school. To be very assertive and agressive with the teachers, to let them know I need thier knowledge. Being able to enjoy making the time to truly take in lifes many beautiful wonders. Be more aware of the choices in the people that I associate with. To make sure that I get disiplined in taking charge of my own responsablities better. Suggest that I join as many groups that I could. Stop and volunteer more, it does the soul good. But I'm not entirely sure that younger selve would have listened. But the shock of seeing myself older and a bit wiser, may have stopped me and I take it in. I would also say that I need to take the time for me, to love and care for myself better. Also to enjoy more classes.. Jump at the computer ones, learn as much as you can, "Oh don't know what those are? You will!.