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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Ashley, darling... calm down. You do not need to rush through your college career and get a 4.0 in every single class. You will hurt yourself and the relationships around you now in the long run. Reprioritize your values. Make sure you spend time with friends and family instead of just being blinded by your intense focus on school. Your degree and GPA are not as important as being a healthy balanced person who actually enjoys life. I know you have your heart set on finishing your degree at Western Washington University and moving out on your own soon. Be prepared for your plans to change. You need to realize now that it is okay if you switch schools and move to Idaho with your family. It will help you to prioritize those values. Plus, it's going to happen anyways. Find something you love to do. Really take your time to think about it, don't just go with what everyone else says. You will save yourself so much grief and frustration in the long run, trust me. Pursue the Lord with everything in you. Learn more about him from His Word than useless information from your textbooks.

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I would have told myself what classes to take in highschool that would help set you up better for the simular college classes. I would also suggest going to a community college for your general education classes. I think I would have focused on what classes to take alot because it is a big deal. The classes are the same but you spend a whole lot more on them. As for high school classes I could have taken to help me in some of the classes in college. This would include classes like physcology, and higher math classes.

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