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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

If I could back in time and give myself advice, it would be expect anything and everything can happen. As you move from high school to college it is a big different. It is not like high school where you can joke around and still pass, you have to work hard. Yes, college life is more fun, but also more responsibilities. It is basically the "real world" experience that you keep hearing parents and teacher tell to you. Although you may not earn a living, but it's pretty much how you would do if you were earning a living. It will prepare you on how to priortize and manage your time. Take into serious consideration that anything and everything can happen. No one knows what can happen in the future, no matter how much you prepare; you'll never be prepared. Things may not go your way and you may not get what you want. Just know that when you need help, God is always there. He'll always provide and guide you where ever you are.

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If I could go back in time and talk to myself again as a high school student, I would tell myself to actually have faith in the future and do not be afraid of what lies ahead. God has your back, so does your grandparents, chase that dream. College life is not hard at all, no matter what anyone tells you. And dont be so negative-minded, you will make it. Failure is not an option, and you should not let it be a suggestion. You are a successful young man, but do not forget who you are, you were raised to respect and honor your authorities over you. Have manners, treat everyone kindly, no matter how they treat you. Help when someone is in need, and always have that smile on your face. Your principal did not name you Smiley for nothing, everyone says your smile is what God blessed you with, and that smile can comfort any troubled student at your college. And remember, dont ever give up, because God did not give up on you.

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