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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Dear High School Senior self: Go to college and get a good degree! Cars and women are not as important as you think they are!! You will begin your career much quicker with a degree. If you do not go to college now, you'll waste time in a series of dead-end jobs. Employers look for younger people who have a career span ahead of them. By getting your degree now you won't flounder around aimlessly... you'll have a career path to follow! Even though it is never too late to get a degree, how many employers are going to look at you as an old man and want to hire you?

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I am 22 years old and am working as a project manager for a development team making 45,000 dollars a year, which is quite a bit higher than most people my age. I was able to get this job because of my degree in a specialized type of software development and the education provided for me at ITT. I met a large number of those I call friends while attending school at ITT and it really helped me grow socially.

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