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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would say, "self, always stay focused on your goals at hand, and never allow circumstances, people, places and time distract you." Always pay your bills on time, and establish meaningful and sincere relationships. Establish a good report with your professors, and communicate with them on a weekly basis, to see where you stand, with respect to your progress in your studies. Never hang out with people without vision and purpose. Choose a career that will be able to equip communities, with education, jobs, and investment opportunities. Choose a career that will provide a quality of lifestyle that will leave a legacy for generations to come. When you go to college participate, in activities to build your character and bring balance to your work ethic and study habits. If you date always keep in mind, that the individual your're with must be able to see your vision and visa versa. Ask yourself can this person flow with the vision I have for my life, and visa-versa. Do they believe what I believe, and do they tend to the things I attend to? I would also say self...failure is not an option, neither is giving up!

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Making the college transition requires five things: hombase, balance, scholarships, and God. Before leaving for college, have a firm base back home. Make strong lasting relationships with friends and family. Before leaving for college, learn to balance your life. Don't spend all day playing, but don't spend all day working. Before leaving for college, sign up for a bunch of scholarships. Finances present the hardest part of college, so prepare yourself by attempting to get lots of scholarships. Finally, before leaving for college, strengthen your relationship with God. College presents problems to big for Freshman, you will need God to help you through. Applying the above advice, your college transition will certainly go smoother.

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