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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I am a skilled superviser of construction , a trainer,motivater combining a mMichigan Builders license whilwe attending college for a degree in computer drafting and design, to fineish with a bacholers degree in construction management to compliment mthe 15 years of extensive experiance manageing projects form comstruction . I am especially skilled in the construction practices to plan ,coordinate , document,to bring mission -coritical projects in on time and within budget. whilwe most people are dreamers or doers,I am both. I am a vissionary leader who tirelessly works on many projects to benifit our comunity by combining a lifloneg and heartfelt commitment and dedication to helping others exceptional communiction skillas. Generally recognised as a idea/stratigee person ,I allso posess the know how and ability to impliment my ideas. In fact my entire hisoty is one of cereating of something where it did not exist before. While I can follow the lead of others I realy enjoy working the big picture to get done what needs doing. And while going to college I have begun to master the computers to advance into our changing world of commercial building to have the confidence & experiance to coceed succeed into the future .

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