Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The main campus is in Fort Wayne and is about 35 miles from my home, so I have to take satellite classes.


The worst thing about school is time mangement. I think if I were better at manging my time I could do so much more and school would be all the easier. School requires a lot of time consuming activities and the better you can handle this the better you can do. There is never enough time to do what I try to get through it seems. I have great intentions of getting all my homework completely well with reading and discussing the chapters as I go, but sleep, work, and life does not always agree.


I can only consider one thing bad about this school, that would be the fact that it is only a two-year school. Even though this school doesn't offer a bachelors degree, it prepares you for the schools that does offer them and helps you to meet there expectations.


Ivy Tech is a wonderful school and it presents an amazing opportunity for me to obtain my ASN degree in just 2 years. The only obstacle that I find with Ivy Tech Northeast is attending as an out of state student. The tuition is affordable, compared to other institutions, but there is a lack in financial aid funding available to me as a non-Indiana resident. Obviously, this is no fault of Ivy Tech in any way, but it does present an obstacle when trying to budget continuing my education, balancing work, and raising my son as a single mother.