Ivy Tech Community College-Northwest Top Questions

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I like this school because there is all type of people that go here young and old. It is also a very good school and I have learned a lot. So far this year I have got the best grades.


The instructors are very willing to teach the students what we need to know...


I chose at the age of 47 to attend college for the first time. I had raised one daughter to adulthood and I still have a young child at home; however, attending college at Ivy Tech has allowed me to ease into a college education without feeling overwhelmed an insignificant on a monstrous campus. By attending Ivy Tech Community College I receive individual attention from my professors who know me by name and are willing to take the time to help me when I need them.


Our school is one of a kind because we are located in an industrious part of the state. My campus is surrounded by major industries such as British Petroleum and Praxair. We are a very small campus which also gives us a unique boost because of all the hands on learning we receive each and every day.