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My school provides a laid back environment that is challenging yet not overwhelming. Although my school is perfect for anyone that wants to get started in the career of their choice they specifically cater to the needs of people that don't have a lot of time. They consider that their students are mothers, fathers, wives and sometimes the sole bread winner of the family and try to make their continuing education as flexible to the student's life as possible.


Ivy Tech is small and easy to navigate. All of the employees are eager to help you on your way from enrollment to graduation. They want to assist you in taking the classes needed to meet your goals, as well as helping you discover the path that works best for you. The campus itself is comfortable, and the online Campus Connect is also user friendly. Aside from the cozy atmosphere, the price for Ivy tech-from tuition to books to fees-is less expensive than the other schools I have considered, even for the same classes.