Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

Describe how Ivy Tech Community College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ivy Tech is a stepping stone in the right direction to reaching your ultimate educational goal.


It offers flexable schedules and low prices compared to Universities.


The school professional, has a good learning atmostpher, diverse, is very clean .


Ivy Tech is a great learning experience and they work hard to make sure you understand and do not fall behind.


Ivytech is a small campus fill with great minds of professors who are dedicated to your educational growth.


My school is a place that the teachers work with all students and try to get to know all their students.


It is very helpful when needed and most of the time you can get your problems resolved fast.


My school is a small steping stone near the bottom of a mountain.


Ivy Tech offer classses with an average class size of just 22 students, we give our students the support they need to succeed in an environment that encourages teamwork and shared experiences.