Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I haven't attended Ivy Tech yet. I am trying to register for classes and apply for scholarships now.


They are very helpful.


A variety of kids just our of high school, and adults furthering their careers or looking to get a better education.


The students here are very diverse and different nationalities.

Thomas Diep

The classmates that I personally have at ivy tech can be best described as, older, rough minded, insecure, tired, and what I can only assume through experience, powerful.


Some of the people I met were only there to collect money from the state and not there to learn. They made me upset to even think that they were their to waste time. College is to better who we are and not to be taken lightly. However the older people I met were very insightful and helped me with my life choices. I thank those that gave me words of wisdom and encouragement.


My classmates very in age, are there for various reasons, the change in the economy seems to be the bigger student ratio, but all seem to be well rounded and eager to learn .


Talented, creative, and hope filled friends wanting to better themselves and their community.


I would say that my classmates are versatile and they all have positive attitudes.


My classmates are very mature and helpful, they are role models because most of them seem to be really organized in the way they handle work , school, and everyday life situations.


There is a diverse range of age and gender wrapped up in a great college.


Many of my classmates are displaced workers looking for a new career; they are open and easy to talk to and are there to learn and not just trying to get by. I find it easy to get to know classmates and the professors here. Although there are some classmates who have no motivation to do any work in class, they are not a large enough group to effect others.


They seem to be from a poor community and not be as educated as others in our peer group.


There are all diffrent ages.