Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ivy tech is best know for its medical program and thier competitive pricing along with the flexible hours. They are know for giving you a good quality education


My school is best known for opportunity and helping individuals start their education.


Ivy Tech is best known for its flexible class times and the different majors and concentrations you can pick from for a degree program.


In my opinion Ivy Tech is known for its small class sizes, and the ability for a student to trasfer to a four year college of their choice realiatively easy.


Im going to be honest i really don't know what my school is know for exactly , but to me i would have to say that Ivy Tech is known for their diversity and their wide range of class schedules to choose from. Ivy Tch also has a lot of campuses to choose from although they are a small community college there is a lot of things to do. Another thing that i have learned so far is that they also have a sorority that is on campuse and i didn't know they had things like that there .


My school is bes known for is getting a job when your done.


My school is best known for the fact that we give working adults and those who struggled in previous schooling a chance to further their education. Ivy Tech does not turn down any student. They view that everyone deserves a chance to earn their associates degree, because they know that to get a better job now days you have to have that degree to even be recognized. They work hard to accomodate the students with any problems that may arise whether it be with tutoring, or financial aid. They won't leave you feeling lost and unwanted.