Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I feel like that school is a place that people who was not able to go to a 4-year school go. I also feel like the school is for those who need a seccond chance in the world. However that school was not fo me I am I 4-year college student and will push myself until I get what it is I want and where I need to be in life to succeed!


A person who doesnt really know what they want to do just yet or they havent decided on what college they want to go should attend Ivy Tech Community College. Or students in their senior year who may only have one or two classes and are wanting to get ahead start.


This school is for the average working class student. No matter what age, if you are maintaining a job and a family but want to further your education then this is the school for you. They really work with your schedule and the cost is easy to work with.


People who are looking for a good education at a low price, would definitely enjoy the Ivy Tech Campus. This school is geared toward working adults or just people who deal with life and still want to gain a good education. It is alot more easier to get resources from this school than from a four year college. The great thing about this school is that once you have reached the capacity you want the credits transfer to almost any school in the United States. Both the online classes and the face-to-face classes offer quality education.


Ivy Tech is a colege that give everbody a chance all are welcome