Jackson College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There are a lot of things I would tell myself if I were able to go back in time. The first thing I would tell myself would be to apply for as many scholarships as possible, no matter how repetitive it became. I was accepted into my dream college and I was unable to attend this fall because I did not have enough money for it. I would also tell myself that high school is not nearly as hard as college is. Although at the time, high school seemed so hard and it seemed like so much work, it was nothing compared to college. Once you get into college, you not only have to work harder, but you are also considered an adult. The professors do not hold your hand and guide you and give you all of the answers. If you need help, you must ask for it. I would go back and make sure the high school me knew how much work was coming and that she did more during high school to prepare for college to save herself extra work later.


Looking back on my senior year, I was extremely layed back and just ready to run out of the school doors. I was accepted to our nearest community college, and was going to be still living at home, so I didn't have a care in the world. Now knowing what I do, I wish that I would have explored my schollarship opportunities more. My parents had bugged me about it constantly and I just got annoyed and only applied for one. I also wish that I would have taken studying a little more seriously. I would only study like two hrs a week maybe, and that would include all my classes accumulated. I didn't receive terrible grades, but I know I could have achieved better. All in all I'm starting over this semester, and am planning on doing my very best in this huge step towards my future.


I would say to myself "Self, when you get to college you need to work hard to do the things you dream about. I know high school is a thing that you have to do according to the state but college is different. It's a place of you wanting an education, if you don't want it then get out so someone who will appreciate it can have it. Ok, now that we're clear on that do you still want it? You do? Ok, then listen and repeat after me ' I will not procrastinate, I will use my time well, and I will strive for nothing but the best grade. I will work smarter not harder, but above most I will never quit.' Good Luck self, I hope you find the funds to make your dream of an elementary teacher come true. Just remember that you can't do it all on your own, you need help, and someday you can pay it forward and help others. Have fun this summer Self, because you have a lot of work ahead of you!" I am hoping I would disappear in smoke of cloud when I am done.


If I were to go back to high school and know what I know now about college life I would have gone to a community college in the first place. I have been to 4 colleges in 2 years. I started at a four year unversity as a long distance commuter, I would not recommend doing that unless you had to. I then missed the deadline to transfer to the community college i wanted to attend and then had to go somewhere less prestiegus where most credits would not transfer. I am currently where i wanted to be and it is working well for me, however it has taken me three years to earn a associates degree and i wish more classes could have transfered. If I was back in time i would have taken more general classes in the begining and then they could apply to all degrees. I switched my major three times and have spent alot of money on credits that do not go tword anything. If I could go back I would take it slow.


My first words of advice to myself would be to "Straighten up and quit fooling around with your grades!" I would also tell myself to prepare more for real life put of high school. Do more volenteer work, get myself more out into the working world, and respect my mom's wisdom and knowledge of life a lot more.


I would've told myself to start out somewhere cheaper than Michigan Technological University. Once you get up there, after two semesters and over $20,000, you will realize that it's not the right place for you nor was it the right degree. By starting out at Jackson Community College in my hometown, you will realize that you're passion is really in helping people and animals by taking part in their law enforcement/criminal justice program. No matter how bad you would want to get away from Jackson, you need to look at the big picture. There are multiple degrees that you want, and you should start out at the college that offers more than one of them so you can decide which one really is for you, and that degree might surprise you. Also, you hear people say "Oh, you don't really need to go to class. They never take attendance." That is not something to listen to. Extra credit and extra assignments that you need to know the lecture material is given out during class. Prepare yourself. Let yourself have fun, but do good in school. It's your future. Your actions determine the outcome.


If i could go back in time to my senior year and tell myself something I think it would be to be prepared. Starting college can be very overwhelming for some people and can scare you into giving up. Its alot of hard work and takes alot of dedication, its nothing like high school. It's like your on your own you have no one over your shoulder telling you to do your work. Your older and you have to know everything and stay up to pace. Do not fall back, make sure you ask as many questions in high school to prepare yourself for your college years. Missing days and being late like in high school is not going to get you through college. These are the things I would tell myself my senior year if I could go back in time,I wish someone would of told me these things.


I would tell my senior self to actually try. Things won't be handed to you. College is something that you have to apply yourself at and work for. I would also tell myself to get a job and save money for books and supplies as well as paying for classes. The cost can add up really fast and while loans are an option, it is pricey.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would encourage myself to stress less. My first semester in college, I stressed about every little thing that went wrong and worried about all the other things; that they might too go wrong. I would tell myself that stressing only makes things worse and making yourself sick is going to make every day harder. To my senior self, I would say that live every day as if were on purpose and make the best out of your best. Don't let other peoples standards get you discouraged. I would remind myself that all I can do is my best and that should be good enough for me and don't forget to pray and trust God.


I would tell myself to manage my time better. In high-school I had a very easy time with all of my classes and assigned homework and it was all very easy for me. In my first semester of college, I was so used to not having to worry about class work or homework that the first couple of weeks were really rough. Since my classes only went until about twelve thirty in the afternoon everyday, I used all of my free time for recreation and having fun. I soon realized that I couldn't keep doing this and I needed to manage my time better. I ended the semester with nothing less than a 3.0 but some of those classes could have been 4.0 and weren't because I spent too much time on recreational activities.


I wasn't really into going to college when I was in high school and my parents nevered helped me either. If I could go back to a senior in high school I would like to tell, and make myself aware of the different colleges and what subjects in high school would benefit you more. I would defenitly take more of the science and math classes. I have learned that in college it would have benefited me if I would have had more knowledge in these subjects. I see lots of college students that don't really know what they want to do or they get a degree and then change there minds after all of that. I would have loved to know more of what's out there and did more job shadowing. I think that this would have made the transition of going to college better. I love learning and sometimes when you are young, you are not sure of life yet, and having a little help understanding what you should do before entering college would be a great thing for everyone. Thank you for you time in reading about my past and hoping more highschoolers do this.


"What are you doing tonight?" My best friend, Joanna, asked me Friday at school. "Oh, probably just going home to study," I answered. The same answer I had been repeating my whole high school career. "You really need to have some fun once in a while." I wish I would have known she was right. If I could go back as a high school senior, I would do more activities. Not the drinking, partying type of activities but, just hanging out with my friends more or going to sporting events. I was too serious about school and my grades that I forgot to stop and have fun every now and then. I believe that this seriousness was great for my academics in college but it has hindered my ability to meet new people like most college students do. Many students meet their lifelong friends while in college. If I would have been more outgoing and adventurous in high school, meeting new people in college probably would not be so hard for me. One piece of advice I would tell myself as a senior to make the transition easier would be, "make the most out of your life and time".


The first thing I would tell myself is everything will be ok. Then I would go on to say the transition to college life is much easier if you get involved in the social life of the college. Join a club or a sport if you can. Do not bog yourself down with too much, but do enough so you feel a part of you new surroundings. College life is not what most people portray it to be like in the movies, but it still a wonderful experience, and if you integrate yourself into the energy flow of the college your college experience is far more likely to be successful! There is nothing else like college life and if you just actively participate you will have a great time!


I would give myself a kick in the ass for not doing my best in school and trying to learn what was needed to go to college. I have been out of school for 32 years and times have changed. the things that I learned in school back then most of it is outdated and I was left behind when I started back to school. I wish I would of went to school staight out of high school instead of partying and going into the Army. I don't regert the time I served I just wish I would of got an education insted of a combat infratrymens badge. After working in factorys for years I have went back to school to change my career to become an Special education teacher with a history and science minors. so now that I have my life wherenI want it to be it feels good, only 32 years late.


Don't slack off your senior year. Look at all your options and apply for as many scholarships as you can. Don't be in a rush to leave the house just to leave the house. Make sure its what you want for more reasons than to just "grow up". Its okay to go to a community college. You're parents will appreciate it, and it saves you a lot of money. Also it gives you more time to figure out what you want to do and where you want to go.


The thing I would tell myself as a senior would be to not worry. In my senior year I stressed out about college, and many times I forgot to enjoy my senior year. As a senior you do not need to know everything about your life. I didn?t know what I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be. I thought that if I didn?t get everything planned in my senior year, then I would never amount to anything. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that that was a lie! I believe that it is important for all seniors to visit lots of schools, and check out their options. However, seniors do not need to have every decision planned out for their lives. I am a freshman in college, and I don't know how my life will end up , but I am taking classes that I enjoy. I want all seniors to understand that they do not have to know everything. They just need to do the best they can in school, and try to figure out what they enjoy foing the most, and then seek that major out in college.


Don't worry things will be fine, work hard and stay focused! Don't try and get lost on other things like working overtime, focus on your education, it should always come first.


I would advise myself to not go to a community college. It is cheaper and has saved me a lot of money in the long run but other than that has not benefitted me at all. The classes are extremely easy and many of the teachers are unprofessional and do not take the classes as seriously as they would if they were teaching at a University. I don't feel like I have learned anything in the time I have spent at JCC. I also think to get the full college experience you need to move to a different town, at least for a year, to experience life out of you're norm. There are so many people to meet, things to do and places to go that you should seize the opportunity at its fullest! It is also a great-growing opportunity to start paying your own bills and to cook and clean up after yourself. I would also encourage myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible while still in high school because I only received the Michigan Merit and the Promise scholarship, both of which were taken away by the new budget cuts this year.


I would just say that it will be a great experience and dont stress too much about it and just enjoy school, but study hard too!


It would probably be something like this; Hey Ashley, Make sure your studying because when you get to college it is a lot harder. When it comes to math, don't copy the answers you don't know. Go to the teacher and ask for help because you will need to learn it eventually and there is no point in trying to skip it now. Make sure you are scheduling your social time with your schooling. In the future it causes a big problem. School comes first, then work, then your time to hang out. The more you play around the longer school will take and the longer until you start a career.