Jackson College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about JCC is the student life. Everywhere I look there are things for the students of JCC to do. I feel that for a community college JCC has a wide variety of different clubs and programs to get it's students involved. JCC even has dorms which gives it a 4-year college experience. Being a people person, this is a great atribute to my college experience.


I feel that the best thing about Jackson Community College is the location and the people. The college is located south of the city and is in a rural area, because of the location you are somewhat secluded from the buisy city. There are more chances to meet the people living on campus because of the location.


The school is close to home as there is a campus in Adrian which is where I live. I am able to obtaine my assosiates degree right here in Adrian at a resonable cost. The class sizes are small which means more individual attention from the instructors. This college also has great advisors who are willing to help you plan your path of study toget your degree.


The best thing about JCC is that it is a smaller school and some teachers do make themselves available, to where you as a student can get to know the teacher. The classes are challenging, but at JCC there is free tutoring when a studnet needs help and some teachers have office hours where they say they are there to help. The overall best thing about the teachers at JCC, a selected few used to be high school teachers and these professors are personable people that do not make you feel stupid, even though some of the others might.


I would say that the best aspect of Jackson Community College is the small and intimate campus. I am able to get to all of my classes within a few minutes because all of the buildings are close together. Also, after about the second week of classes starting, the majority of my teachers know me by name. I know that I can get the help that I want and need on a personal basis. I do not feel intimiated by JCC or the instructors like I may at a huge university.


Its close to my home, and its able to get my a good degree program for a low cost.