Jackson State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Jackson State is in need of a make-over.


Jackson State University is mainly focused on community and education. Community in the sense that everyone is willing to help each other out, willing to give you some of what little they have to offer. Jackson State doesn't play about education if you get a bad grade on a test everyone from the dean to your roommate will let you know you can do way better than what you earned.


Jackson State University is an HBCU located in Jackson MIssissippi, it is a medium-sized campus containing people from all over the country.


JSU is a wonderful university, however like all things there is room for improvement, but I wouldnt change my decision on attending another university, this is a premier HBCU who is well on its way to becoming an outstanding primier university.


Jackson State University is an HBCU who is serious about acabemics but is also about making wonderful and fun memories in the process.


Jackson State University is overall, a wonderful accredited school to attend for any type of student of any type of ethnic background, for any type of major/ course of study.


My school is the epitome of excellence.


This school is what a HBCU i all about, being able to expand the mind and enrich the soul on many different levels.


Jackson State University is a school of loyalty, respect, pride, excellence, and change.